What The Heck Is Foodie Friday???



I’m glad you asked. Foodie Friday is something hubby and I started doing when we got married. It is how we chose to fulfill Ecclesiastes 2:24. We wanted a special evening free of distractions where we just spent time learning about each other and eating amazing food of course.

We picked a day of the week (Friday’s) and decided we would trade off cooking for each other an adventurous dinner meal accompanied by a drink pairing. So every Friday one of us is out grocery shopping to make an amazing meal to present to the other.

It doesn’t stop there, we also believe that evening should be distraction free. We turn off ALL electronics including television and cellphones so that we can focus on having fun conversation. We discuss things such as music, culture, news, and anything we find interesting during that time.

Some of our more recent topics have included:
1. Listening to and deep discussion of Drake’s new album
2. Thoughts on Lecrea’s latest business move
3. Who’s going to win the NBA finals and why
4. Which local malls are losing popularity and ideas on how to bring them back to life
5. Reminiscing on early 2000’s jams (Missy Elliot, Jagged Edge, Pretty Ricky, Destiny’s Child)

As you can see, our topics can go anywhere. We have literally stayed up until 2 a.m. talking about anything under the sun. It really is a fun way to get to know your spouse. We have enjoyed it for three and a half years now and hopefully we will continue it even once we have children.

I encourage everyone to try a foodie Friday for themselves. You’d be surprised what you can learn through serving one another and chatting it up.

Be sure and check back every Friday for my weekly Foodie Friday post😀.

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