Maximizing Minimalist: Part 1

IMG_3752Lately it seems I have been curbing my appetite toward this minimalist fashion trend. “Less is more” can really be….well more. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring and I like to think of it as simplifying my fashion life with key elements. The great thing is I can wear something simple yet still make a statement at the same time! I’ve found some really amazing staple pieces for great prices that I would like to share.

  1. Gorjana Sansa Gold Plated Stud Earrings (pictured above) I paid $30, retailed for $50: These are by far my FAVORITE ear decor that I’ve had in years. These delicate little sun shiners are dipped in a fabulous yellow gold and adorned with 4 tiny CZ stones. I wear them everyday! Shout out to fancypantsmcgee on Poshmark for selling me this amazing deal!
  2. Kendra Scott Kiri Pendant (I paid $35, retailed for $50): A little iridescence never hurt anyone. This simple tear drop pendant is new to my collection of necklaces. What I love is the light dainty feeling and I can pretty much wear it with anything. IMG_3756
  3. Lululemon Run Away Tee (I paid $14, retailed for $60) and Good to Go Tee (I paid $28, retailed for $70): Have I told you about my Lululemon Obsession? These are 2 of the featured items in that post. Both tees are perfect for HOT Texas summer days and I find myself pulling them from the closet them a lot. I get tons of compliments especially on my Good to Go Tee (pictured to the left). If I had it my way, I  would wear it everyday, but I believe that’s probably fashionably unacceptable lol!IMG_3753 IMG_3762

I certainly have more deals to add to my minimalist checklist. Make sure and check back soon to see what other goodies I found. And feel free to tag me on other awesome minimalist finds!


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