Veggie Medley and Smoked Salmon

IMG_5418It’s Friday again already?? Happy Foodie Friday! This go around I chose for us to have a medley of raw and lightly cooked veggies along side some delicious smoked salmon. It’s nice to take a break from tons of cooking and from any heavy eating that has been accumulating during the week.

For the tomatoes I ended up roasting them with a splash of Italian salad dressing to enhance the acid and give a tangy pop. On the mushrooms I use some Worcestershire sauce and chopped parsley to bring out that earthiness. And I put lightly roasted kale chips over a salad of raw kale to add texture and to show variety in preparing.

Then for dessert a nice side of fresh berries; blackberries, strawberries, and raspberries. We often enjoy eating food in the simplest format, just how God made it. No extras or changes needed!

Overall this dish is way more low key, but it’s still very enjoyable and also hubby approved lol!!! ‘Til next week, happy eating 😁

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