Maximizing Minimalist Part 2

IMG_4434Since my last post covering my latest minimalist pieces, I have been craving gray in my closet. Tops, bottoms, shoes, everything. If I seriously buy one more pair of gray shoes, I think my hubby will schedule an intervention on me!

In back to back consecutive weeks I’ve purchased a pair of gray wool Converse (pictured above) and more recently a pair of grayish New Balance 574s.

I snagged both pairs of shoes on Poshmark of course 😊. I paid $17 for the Converse (which is an awesome deal considering that brand new Converse with features are typically going to run $50 plus). The New Balances I got for $20. Another great deal considering this popular classic suede shoe goes for around $70 a pop brand new.

IMG_5113Both pairs of shoes are timeless and that’s important to have in any closet because they are easy pairing pieces. Since both have a neutral color way, any outfit I can come up with will look great! Plus those New Balance 574s are super comfy and that’s always an added cherry on top.

IMG_2826Another item I found and now love is this amazing grey split back tank. I got it for $10 and I totally would have bought every color if they had more. I was originally looking for the Lulu split back tank, but couldn’t find it so I was more than pleased with this alternative. What’s so great about this tank is that open back is so subtle, it’s like an unexpected surprise. It keeps me cool in this wonderfully steamy Texas triple digit heat (yes that’s 100 degrees and up). I love wearing it with my gray Lulu skort. The two pair like a match made in heaven.  IMG_7361The final item is something I most recently received as a lovely gift from a Poshmark friend (@1smalltowngirl) and I love it! She brought it to the Posh ‘N Sip party. A super cute Kendra Scott Mara Pendant in black (not gray, gasp)!! As you may or may not know I am absolutely late to the whole Kendra Scott phase, but now that I have an addition to my Kiri Pendant featured in Maximizing Minimalist Part 1 I can’t get enough lol!

The stone is small, dainty, and a perfect little wink in my outfit. I like it so much I’ve already worn it several times!

Hopefully I can tone it down in this gray phase and come out clean on the other side. I am enjoying finding new minimalist pieces to add to my wardrobe and that don’t break the bank! Feel free to tag me on Posh or IG in minimalist pieces you think I might like. I am still hunting for cute things to write a potential Maximizing Minimalist Part 3!

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