Steak Tagliata with Roasted Sweet Potatoes


This Foodie Friday is brought to you by my good friend STEAK! We really enjoy steak in this household. Say the word and we come running lol. And speaking of words, do you know what the heck “tagliata” means?? It’s “cutting” or “cut” in Italian. Sounds much cooler that saying “cut steak” lol!

What is pictured here is a hearty sirloin steak over a bed of peppery arugula (you will learn, one of my favorite greens). Next to some roasted sweet potato fries. The meat is juicy and tender, just as steak ought to be. And what really makes the dish sing is the tangy, balsamic drizzled cherry tomatoes. I like to scoop this one up with a bit of everything on the fork so I get the perfect mouth full.

Find the recipe here compliments of Hello Fresh. Steak is always a winner in my book, but this get’s extra points due to the ‘matoes lol!!! Until next week, happy eating!

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