Feelin’ Fleecy Keen

A few weeks ago I was out looking for a cool jacket to wear for the Fall/Winter season. I didn’t want anything major, just something to throw on when I go for a jog or a grab and go in basic casual settings.

While frequenting Clothes Mentor, one of my favorite spots, I came across this Lululemon Fleecy Keen Jacket and let me tell you, I got it for a steal!

My jacket is completely sold out at the Lulu stores. It retailed brand new for $198. And if you go online to find it, someone might be selling it for upwards of 20% more than that. It may or may not disgust you to know I purchased it for less than half that retail price! There was one minor thing that needed to be fixed, which was some pet hair throughout. Nothing a little lint brush couldn’t handle.

That was the ONLY thing I found wrong with this jacket and I couldn’t believe it. The sales associate mentioned they had just got it in that very day too! Now it’s all cleaned up and ready to wear. But first I have to tell all about how much I love it 😍😍😍!!!

The zippers work and are completely operational with no flaws. What I really love about this jacket is how soft and lightweight it feels. It’s got pockets for days! I can hide whatever I want in the little pouches and not appear bulky.

The hood is removable as well as the vest underneath. I like that it has so much versatility. And my icing on the cake; it has those fun little thumb holes (whoever designed this just got major kool-aid points). I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed a jacket so much. It makes me look forward to my Texas Fall and Winter runs lol!

So when you see me jogging with a huge grin on my face, you’ll definitely know it’s not the endorphins kicking in lol! Three cheers for great finds!!!

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