Brinley’s Birth Story 

I went into early labor at 11:30pm 8/29/17. At the time our Houston refugee cousins had just left and we were settling down for the night. I felt crampy but with a different twinge of pain so I ignored it until I could confirm they weren’t going away. At 3:30 that morning I had begun to lose my plug so RJ and I were extremely excited that things were getting underway. The next day during active labor we notified our birthing team so they could head over to the house and help us through.

The next morning was pretty challenging. I had labored and gotten only some rest in between so I was starting to feel a little tired. Everything had began to blur together so our doula suggested a walk for us to get out and about and help my pelvis. This did help me out as the exercise is specifically for helping labor.

As the evening continued things got progressively intense. This cued our doula for when it was time to go ahead and get to our birthing center. Once we got there, we found out I still had a ways to go. I didn’t want to know my dilation or effacement so that I wouldn’t be discouraged in continuing on forward. (I later came to find out when we first arrived I was dilated to a 5. Our midwife thought I would be laboring for maybe 6-7 more hours before babies arrival but it turns out I labored only 3 more hours before delivering).

When it had finally came time to push, I was beyond ready. Active labor had been going on 26 hours by then. The first few practice pushes to get Baby down made my water break. It was good news however there was meconium (baby’s first poop) in the amniotic fluid signaling possible baby distress so I was going to have to push her out quickly to avoid being rushed to the hospital. Our birth team kicked into a whole other gear and I was able to push her out in 10 mins with 2 pushes!

We couldn’t believe she was finally here!!! They cleared her of the meconium and got me all fixed up while Hubby did skin to skin with her to calm her down. After a few quick vital checks to make sure she wasn’t in distress I finally got to hold her. Once I saw those big brown eyes, I knew we would all be just fine.

Brinley Ellis Griffin was born on 8/31/17 at 1:21am. She was 8lbs 3oz and 21inches long. Even though she came 2 days post my due date, come to find out she was measuring at 41 weeks gestation!

We chose the name Brinley years ago not only because we liked the uniqueness and sound but we also looked up that it meant “virtuous princess”. The spiritual meaning is “sacrifice” which reminds me daily how Jesus was sacrificed for us all. He chose to suffer for our sins and provide the needed sacrifice and I was hugely reminded and blessed by that the entire laboring process. It was never about me having a baby, but how God would be glorified in the process. Her middle name Ellis is derived from the name “Elijah” which means “YHWH is God”. We liked that it simply proclaims who God is.

And just to add a little more to the story, I really really wanted Brinley to be born an August baby and it’s no coincidence that prayer was answered with her coming the final day of August. Our prayer of labor starting on its own was answered as well as being able to do an unmedicated birth at our birth center.

We truly are so blessed to be parents of this wonderful baby girl. We have a long adventure ahead of us and we are excited to see all the new that comes along with being responsible for her little life.

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