Foodie Friday: Miso Ribeye Over Noodles

Happy Foodie Friday!! This week hubby threw down in the kitchen for our mock Chopped edition date night. I picked out 4 mystery ingredients and he had to make me a delicious meal. I went with: Grass Fed Ribeye Steak, Leeks, Basil, and Lime.RJ got right to work immediately going in an Asian direction with the dish. He ended up making a lime miso dressing marinated steak over sautéed garlic leeks on a bed of noodles.

He incorporated the basil into a beef broth really developing some nice homey flavors.

I’ve never had leeks before, but they remind me of a less abrasive turnip. RJ cooked them simple with a chop of the knife and a toss in some butter and garlic. A nice touch was to mix together the noodles and leeks to give the dish a little bit more heaviness.

Then for the steak he did a simple seer after getting some marinating. He cooked it to a lovely medium (my favorite). It was juicy and tender and I really enjoyed it!

These last few Foodie Friday date nights have been so much more fun with the added surprise of mystery ingredients. I think we will try it again next week and see what we come up with. Until next time, happy eating 😋

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