Foodie Friday: Three Cheese Ravioli

Happy Foodie Friday!!!

This dish features a simple and delicious vegetarian meal I threw together myself 😱. It seriously only took maybe 15-20 mins to fix, but looks like it took hours. Let’s dig into the yummy details!

The central part of this dish is the three cheese stuffed spinach ravioli. In case your wondering if I rolled the dough and delicately stuffed and sealed these pockets of goodness, you’re absolutely wrong! (Ain’t nobody got time for all that lol) I actually picked it up from Target and it’s super easy to prepare.

The three inner mixture tastes nice and mild with just the perfect amount of cheese as to not overwhelm the pallet. I topped it off with a huge spoon of simmered vodka sauce combined with julienned sun-dried tomatoes for a nice pop of tang.

For sides I did my classic roasted chunky asparagus and whole roasted mushrooms for some earthy tones simply seasoned with salt and pepper.

I think you already know what happened with these plates lol! What a delicious start to a delightful evening. Until next week, happy eating 😋

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