Foodie Friday: Braised Balsamic Chicken and Herbs

Happy Foodie Friday!

We are out of the house this evening, but I already made something I definitely wanted to share! Earlier this week I made a quick and delicious Braised Balsamic and Herb Chicken featured on

My husband loved this recipe so much that he wanted to add it to my list of go to’s. I enjoyed it as well as our little one (she got the pre chewed version 😊).

What I love about this dish is the bell pepper medley. I bought red, yellow, and orange ones, but each gives off slightly different notes of sweet and tang.

The chicken thighs soak up all those cooked juices from the braising liquid with herbs so it makes for some very tender meat. Also, all those extra cooked down veggies make it light yet surprisingly filling.

I didn’t add any rice to ours. Instead I opted to put our dish over a bed of spinach, but this would be nice with some cubed red potatoes or roasted carrots for even more filling options.

As always we finished this off without any left overs so win-win for the week!

‘Til next time, Happy Eating 😋

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