A Party For ONE

1H7A7031I can’t believe it’s been a whole YEAR! We survived…we made it…we have accomplished the first year of parenting.

We have learned so much and done so much. We went from not knowing the front and back of a diaper to being able to take care of a blow out in 15.6 seconds. We went from waking every 2 hours to a crying baby, to waking every once in a while to a crying baby (Don’t laugh, that’s progress 😝). We are so blessed to have the opportunity to watch our little one grow and be apart of the special journey.

On Buzzy Bee’s first birthday we had a simple brunch at the house. I wanted to just be able to relax and enjoy the day with family and friends sharing our daughter.



We had lots of guests come through to celebrate the special occasion with us. Grands, aunts, uncles, friends, babies, neighbors….just a LOT of people.

 Well, our Little Lady reacted just about how any normal one year old would react…clingy. Yep, she clung to me the entire first half of the party. She wouldn’t get down to play in her ball pit or with the other babies, she wouldn’t go to anyone, and she certainly wasn’t offering any smiles; even when she saw familiar faces.

It’s funny how things go because in my head I saw her being much more social, but in reality she was overwhelmed and just needed mommy until…

CAKE! Cake fixed everything 😂 Ok it didn’t but it helped. Bee got a hold of that cupcake and wouldn’t come up for air! Seriously, it was almost vampire like. She sucked up the icing and then we began seeing huge smiles on that pretty brown face. She would laugh and giggle as she played in her sweets. Gotta love kids.

After her little perk up it was time to try the kiddie pool. After a quick wardrobe change we headed outside for bubbles and a little splashing around.

She really enjoyed the water. She would crawl from side to side pretending to want to get out only to dart to the middle once someone came to help her. We let her splash around for a good while before finally calling it quits to dry off and prep her for a much overdue nap.

I believe Bee had a good time. With the exception of being a little overwhelmed in her own space, I think it ended on a good note. It certainly wasn’t hard to get her down for her nap that day 😂.

I think next year maybe just cake? Happy Birthday Buzzy Bee, we love you ❤️

Huge shout outs to:

Brandy J Art & Images for capturing all these fabulous photos.

Doughboy Donuts for providing a special order of donut holes for our special occasion.

Miranda’s Munchies (aka my lil sis) for brining her famous cookies and making us some awesome snack mix.

Unrefined Bakery for providing a cupcake that changed the day for our little one 😊.

Little Lola Bunny for the cute little African print top.

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