Foodie Friday: Chick Fil A Superfood Salad

Happy Foodie Friday!!! Tonight’s dish features the homemade version of Chick Fil A’s Superfood Salad.

This is such a yummy dish. It is a mixture of kale, broccolini, pecans (optional), and dried cherries. I couldn’t find dried cherries so I substituted with dried cranberries instead. Also, the original dish calls for walnuts, but I don’t like walnuts so I added pecans. If you want to get really fancy, Sprouts has some amazing glazed pecans that work very well.

What really just brings it together is the maple vinegarette. It’s lightly sweet and adds just enough to the salad to marry perfectly with the earthy tones.

I’ve never seen my husband eat a salad so fast 😂. Since it got his mark of approval, I figured it was worth a share. Click the link here to give it a try!

‘Til next time, happy eating

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