Foodie Friday: Hearty Rigatoni With Italian Turkey Sausage

Happiest Foodie Friday to all my eaters out there! This weeks dish I had to go Italian with this simple recipe courtesy of Urban Bliss Life.

So Italian is my absolute favorite cuisine! I love to find simple recipes and hope one day I’ll have time to learn to correctly make my own pasta.

Until then, I rely on simple tasty recipes I find online. This one is really great and I have to say not only is it hardy and filling, but seriously doesn’t take long to make (which is golden when you have a toddler).

My favorite part about this dish is the sausage. I actually traded for a sweet Italian turkey sausage because someone in our family doesn’t eat pork sausage (and just fyi, the little will eat roly polys so use your deductive reasoning to come to your own conclusions about whom I’m mentioning πŸ˜‚).

Anyway, the spicy nudge from the sausage with the hearty sauce makes this an easy win. The rigatoni literally jumps off the plate due to size and presence. I topped with some basil at the end to add a subtle pepper note.

I had a whole batch of this and it was all gone the next day. A good problem to have, but geeze it’s hard to keep leftovers when it’s good πŸ˜†.

Hope you’re eating well this evening and until next week,

Happy Eating 😊

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