Foodie Friday: Curry Beef And Cauliflower

Happy Foodie Friday!! So I’m a whole day late posting, but it’s only because I was eating so much 🤷🏾‍♀️

This weeks feature was a dish I found while trying to figure out what to do with a purple cauliflower I had sitting in the fridge way too long.

The Curry Beef And Cauliflower was so amazing and vibrant! My husband literally walked into the kitchen, mouth watering, so ready to try this from all the wonderful smells coming from our kitchen.

The meat is seasoned with lovely hints of cinnamon and red pepper among other things and give it a nice mild spice tint. I really enjoyed the texture of crispy cauliflower with the potatoes. Just an all around homey feeling dish.

I can’t wait for tomorrow because that means left overs 😋. Fine the recipe here.

Until next time, Happy Eating 😊

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