Foodie Friday: Stuffed Avocado With Shrimp And Mango

Happy Foodie Friday!! Not the typical day after Thanksgiving type post huh? Well me and the fam are on the road headed out of town for the weekend so I decided to post about something I made earlier this week and let me tell ya, it doesn’t disappoint!

This is such a easy and tasty paleo dish compliments of A Calculated Whisk. It took about five minutes to assemble and had a nice flow of flavors. We took ours out of the avocado shells just to be total piggies 😝. The sweet of the mango is such a pleasant refresh to balance out the meaty shrimp.

I have to agree with my husband that the aioli is the center of this dish. He enjoyed it so much, he ate ALL of it from me so I didn’t even have some for left overs the next day (don’t worry, I whipped up a quick sriracha mayo to sub). I think it’s the mild jalapeño heat that gives it the edge.

Hope you’re enjoying your holiday and maybe once your system is free of turkey you’ll give this one a try 😊.

Til next time, happy eating!

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