Foodie Friday: Cranberry BBQ Chicken Pizza

IMG_1325Happy Foodie Friday fellow eaters! I am so excited about todays meal because todays meal was brought to us compliments of delicious canned cranberry sauce!

Ok so before you write it off as one of crazy Kim’s food trips, check out where I found the recipe on Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix. I had 7 cans of leftover cranberry sauce just sitting in the pantry waiting for something to happen. My cousin sent me this recipe so I decided to try it out with making the BBQ Drumsticks and later on this lovely Barbecue Chicken Pizza with a side of greedy little baby hand lol!

So for the pizza crust I just grabbed a pre-made one from our local grocery store. To add some flare to it I usually cover with olive oil and minced garlic to liven it up a bit. Then I SLATHERED on the bbq sauce. Like this sauce is freakin’ golden! It’s smokey and tangy, and you don’t even taste the cranberry’s. I ended up adding too much cranberry when I originally made the sauce so I had to balance out with some soy sauce (added from me) and worcestershire, but it turned out really nice. To finish off the layers I added monterey jack cheese, chopped red onion, dark meat chicken, spinach, and cilantro.

This pizza tasted soooo great! I was once again surprised at how well it amped the other flavors. I have never made bbq sauce because it’s one of those personal things that if you don’t get right and the wrong person tastes it you could be cast out in the foodie leper community (yikes). Thankfully hubs and the little one (as you can blatantly see) enjoyed the dish. I was so proud of taking a chance to make this sauce and it actually turning into a huge win :D.

Tia also has a recipe for a Cranberry Spritzer on her site. I think I might give it a whirl too ;). Anywhoo, ’til next time, happy eating all!

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