Foodie Friday: Pan Seared Rockfish

Ok so last week I posted a Foodie Friday blog mentioning how my mom in law has graciously given us fish from her subscription service. One of the fishes included in the subscription is something called Rockfish. I’ve never really known about this fish, but I tried my hand at a recipe that I think did it justice. Lemme tell ya all about it 😏

Apparently Rockfish is the term used for a species of fish that are known for *surprise* hiding amongst the rocks. That’s kind of cute. Anyway, these little guys are meaty with a mild flavor. I see it taking on a variety of preps. I over cooked mine a little bit I think BUT the use of a lemon, parsley, butter sauce saved it.

I got the recipe from Champagne Tastes. Theirs calls for capers to be added to the sauce, but since I didn’t have any, I just kept it simple with the other ingredients. While the sauce did compliment the overall dish, I kind of wish I had the capers to add that acidic bite.

Overall, I think this recipe is a great summer time dish. It’s so hot lately I’ve been keeping the oven off and utilizing my stove top as much as possible. I’m glad I tried this recipe and as you can see in the pic, ya girl got that sear on point 🙌🏾. So all in all, be on the look out for more stove top recipes that I plan to try. Heck, I might throw in a few microwave meals…jk

Til next time happy eating!

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