Foodie Friday: Egg Roll in a Bowl

Hey hey haaaaayy!!! Happy Foodie Friday y’all 🤗 Todays dish is literally just the egg roll stuffing! I know right?? Is it possible to enjoy an egg role without the fried crunchy exterior?? I assure you it is! Keep reading to find out what’s good with this simple yummy dish!

So first off, I almost passed over this meal option due to the missing exterior for the recipe. The crunchy fried shell is the ONLY reason I pick up an egg roll in the first place 😂 But this dish provided by The Real Food Dietitians is spot on with flavors and I didn’t even miss the shell. This recipe is quick, easy, and light. Plus it’s paleo friendly which is a huge win in my book!

I used ground turkey for my meat, half coconut aminos, and half soy sauce as a tiny change up. The finished dish gave close to the same yummy flavors that I would find at a Chinese restaurant egg roll. To beef mine up a bit I did add an actual egg, but the original recipe doesn’t have that.

What’s great about this simple meal is it can be very versatile. I could add ground beef or pork, siracha, brown rice (to make it a little more filling) or even shiitake mushrooms. It’s a great base for other simple weeknight dishes. I hope you’ll give it a go. Worked for this busy mom 🙋🏾‍♀️ I had all empty plates by the end of the night!

‘Til next time, happy eating!!

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