Feelin’ Fleecy Keen

A few weeks ago I was out looking for a cool jacket to wear for the Fall/Winter season. I didn’t want anything major, just something to throw on when I go for a jog or a grab and go in basic casual settings.

While frequenting Clothes Mentor, one of my favorite spots, I came across this Lululemon Fleecy Keen Jacket and let me tell you, I got it for a steal!

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Maximizing Minimalist Part 2

IMG_4434Since my last post covering my latest minimalist pieces, I have been craving gray in my closet. Tops, bottoms, shoes, everything. If I seriously buy one more pair of gray shoes, I think my hubby will schedule an intervention on me! Continue reading “Maximizing Minimalist Part 2”

Maximizing Minimalist: Part 1

IMG_3752Lately it seems I have been curbing my appetite toward this minimalist fashion trend. “Less is more” can really be….well more. Basic doesn’t have to mean boring and I like to think of it as simplifying my fashion life with key elements. The great thing is I can wear something simple yet still make a statement at the same time! I’ve found some really amazing staple pieces for great prices that I would like to share. Continue reading “Maximizing Minimalist: Part 1”