Foodie Friday: Stuffed Avocado With Shrimp And Mango

Happy Foodie Friday!! Not the typical day after Thanksgiving type post huh? Well me and the fam are on the road headed out of town for the weekend so I decided to post about something I made earlier this week and let me tell ya, it doesn’t disappoint!

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Foodie Friday: Peruvian Chile Lime Wings

Happy Foodie Friday!!! My husband LOVES wings. I’m almost certain they come somewhere after candy, but before napping 😂 So this week I got in my spice rack for an easy dry rub on these juicy chicken bits.

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Cauliflower Fried Rice

Wow!! This looks like fried rice, has the texture of fried rice…even tastes somewhat similar to fried rice, but guess what??? It’s not lol!

This past Foodie Friday hubby broke out the food processor to cook us up a delicious paleo style dish. The fried rice is composed of cauliflower (of course) carrots, mushrooms, green onions, and zucchini. It has a nice spice of turmeric which also gives it the yellow look of a “mock egg”.

Surprisingly it did taste similar to a fried rice. Now that could be on account I haven’t had fried rice in a while, or the texture way playing tricks on me, but by the end of the meal my dish was empty! He got this recipe from a paleo cookbook my sister owns so I don’t have the exact recipe available. I’ll have to see what I can attempt to try next week to step my game up on hubby! ‘Til next week, happy eating 😋

Steak Tagliata with Roasted Sweet Potatoes


This Foodie Friday is brought to you by my good friend STEAK! We really enjoy steak in this household. Say the word and we come running lol. And speaking of words, do you know what the heck “tagliata” means?? It’s “cutting” or “cut” in Italian. Sounds much cooler that saying “cut steak” lol! Continue reading “Steak Tagliata with Roasted Sweet Potatoes”