Foodie Friday: Stuffed Avocado With Shrimp And Mango

Happy Foodie Friday!! Not the typical day after Thanksgiving type post huh? Well me and the fam are on the road headed out of town for the weekend so I decided to post about something I made earlier this week and let me tell ya, it doesn’t disappoint!

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Pan Seared Tilapia and Mushroom Risotto

IMG_4764Happy Foodie Friday! This week Hubby broke out the cooking gear to make us some Pan Seared Tilapia and Mushroom Risotto (compliments of Food Network Chef Tyler Florence).

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Salmon Roasted in Herb Butter


Yep, you read that correctly! Happy Foodie Friday to all my butter lovers out there! I found this recipe online and it did not disappoint. Plates so clean they look unused lol!

It starts with a fresh piece of Atlantic Salmon baked alongside a 4 tablespoon cut of butter and some fresh herbs (I chose parsley and chives). For simplicity sake I added roasted asparagus with a squeeze of lemon. As a refreshing pallet cleanser (and because they are so darn cute) I adorned my dish with star fruit. These little guys taste like a cross between grapes and apples.

Happy to say this is a Hubby approved dish. ‘Til next week!!!

Shrimp Saganaki with Spicy Marinara, Feta, and Israeli Couscous


Thanks to Hello Fresh, this was one of my first attempts at making a Greek dish. I have to say for a first timer, this one came out very nice! Succulent shrimp, lightly spiced tomato marinara, tangy feta, and earthy parsley. These bowls were empty! Try the recipe out for yourself! You won’t be disappointed.