Kim & Rob 41

Hello and welcome! My name is Kimberly, but I go by Kim because as a Southerner I don’t like to pronounce things more than three syllables long. I currently live in the greatest city ever, Fort Worth, Texas with my awesome hubby R.J. Since it’s just me and him for now, I have the freedom to do things like blog.

My ultimate goal here is to focus on three things that make up the awesome adventures that go on behind the scenes of my everyday life; food, fun, and fashion! These topics are what I get the most questions about. Everything from “Where did you get that outfit?” to “Where did you find that recipe?” to “What did you do on vacation?”.  

This is my creative outlet of sorts and I hope to use this as a platform to not only showcase, but connect with like-minded adventurers.  Please feel free to ask questions, comment, and provide feedback.

Thanks for stopping by and I hope you will check back often and be inspired to live life to the full!