Officially A Mom

It has finally hit me…I’m a mom!

Even though we’ve had our daughter for 7 weeks, up until this point it’s been an awkward getting to know you phase. When we brought her home from the birthing center, it was just so surreal. I knew she came out of me but I just still couldn’t believe she was actually out of me. One minute she’s tucked away safe in my belly, the next she’s screaming and crying bloody murder as she is being wrapped like a burrito in swaddling cloths.

From then on it was just one odd thing after another. Her frowning up at me like “You don’t know how to put me in a diaper?” me looking down at her like “You want to help me figure out how we get you in this diaper?” and fumbling trying to figure out the front from the back (I admit I now know how to diaper her blind folded lol!!!). But there was a recent moment where I literally felt like a mom and it didn’t happen the way I thought it would. 

We went to a foodie brunch by Hot Box Biscuit Club. Up until recent we hadn’t taken Bee out of the house but a handful of times and certainly not to any public events. Well, we just decided to wing it this time and pray for the best. The worst that would happen would be our little baby screaming the whole time and us embarrassingly and quickly shuffling ourselves out of the venue tails tucked firmly between our legs lol!

The millions of thoughts swirling through my head as we walked up went a little something like this: “Please don’t scream, please don’t fuss, please go to sleep, or at least please be mellow. Help us out so we look somewhat like your parents and like we kind of know what we are doing…sort of Amen!”

From the beginning it was rocky. Bee doesn’t care for the car seat so as soon as we set it down she was ready to get out since she was still wide awake. My hubby was so great, quick to respond and let her be in the action. Then giving her a bit of bottle to drink. It wasn’t enough to make her want to sleep, but it held off fussiness for a while. 

He eventually handed her to me because she was starting to fuss and I figured with the new environment she just wanted to make sure I was close by. Then the moment came when that mom feeling finally happened for me. I was cradling Bee in my arms while eating my brisket frito pie with my free hand. I looked at her, looked at myself and realized I AM DOING IT!!! I’m momming!!!! I am putting my daughter to sleep while consecutively still participating in my beloved foodie lifestyle! I know it probably can’t always be like that, but I was soooooo very happy and felt like it was a small win for the day. 

Up until this point I had been slightly worried that I would lose myself. I think it’s a very real new mommy fear that I will get so sucked into having a kid and forget that I enjoy my life too. I enjoy going thrifting, I enjoy being adventurous, I enjoy trying new food and being a foodie…I enjoy it all.

Needless to say I can’t wait to share the things I enjoy with my daughter. I am finally starting to feel like my type of mom with having confidence that I can have my cake and eat it too…or should I say have my brisket frito pie and eat it too :p


Brinley’s Birth Story 

I went into early labor at 11:30pm 8/29/17. At the time our Houston refugee cousins had just left and we were settling down for the night. I felt crampy but with a different twinge of pain so I ignored it until I could confirm they weren’t going away. At 3:30 that morning I had begun to lose my plug so RJ and I were extremely excited that things were getting underway. The next day during active labor we notified our birthing team so they could head over to the house and help us through.

The next morning was pretty challenging. I had labored and gotten only some rest in between so I was starting to feel a little tired. Everything had began to blur together so our doula suggested a walk for us to get out and about and help my pelvis. This did help me out as the exercise is specifically for helping labor.

As the evening continued things got progressively intense. This cued our doula for when it was time to go ahead and get to our birthing center. Once we got there, we found out I still had a ways to go. I didn’t want to know my dilation or effacement so that I wouldn’t be discouraged in continuing on forward. (I later came to find out when we first arrived I was dilated to a 5. Our midwife thought I would be laboring for maybe 6-7 more hours before babies arrival but it turns out I labored only 3 more hours before delivering).

When it had finally came time to push, I was beyond ready. Active labor had been going on 26 hours by then. The first few practice pushes to get Baby down made my water break. It was good news however there was meconium (baby’s first poop) in the amniotic fluid signaling possible baby distress so I was going to have to push her out quickly to avoid being rushed to the hospital. Our birth team kicked into a whole other gear and I was able to push her out in 10 mins with 2 pushes!

We couldn’t believe she was finally here!!! They cleared her of the meconium and got me all fixed up while Hubby did skin to skin with her to calm her down. After a few quick vital checks to make sure she wasn’t in distress I finally got to hold her. Once I saw those big brown eyes, I knew we would all be just fine. 

Brinley Ellis Griffin was born on 8/31/17 at 1:21am. She was 8lbs 3oz and 21inches long. Even though she came 2 days post my due date, come to find out she was measuring at 41 weeks gestation! 

We chose the name Brinley years ago not only because we liked the uniqueness and sound but we also looked up that it meant “virtuous princess”. The spiritual meaning is “sacrifice” which reminds me daily how Jesus was sacrificed for us all. He chose to suffer for our sins and provide the needed sacrifice and I was hugely reminded and blessed by that the entire laboring process. It was never about me having a baby, but how God would be glorified in the process. Her middle name Ellis is derived from the name “Elijah” which means “YHWH is God”. We liked that it simply proclaims who God is. 

And just to add a little more to the story, I really really wanted Brinley to be born an August baby and it’s no coincidence that prayer was answered with her coming the final day of August. Our prayer of labor starting on its own was answered as well as being able to do an unmedicated birth at our birth center.

We truly are so blessed to be parents of this wonderful baby girl. We have a long adventure ahead of us and we are excited to see all the new that comes along with being responsible for her little life.

The Bees Nursery

One of the fun things about prepping for a kid is coming up with a nursery theme. I must admit, I already know I’m not a traditional style mom; mostly because I’m not a traditional style person. I don’t like a lot of fluff and I knew I wanted our daughters room to resemble bold color, mod design, and minimalist tastes rather than some of the nurseries I have seen (not that that’s bad, I just like different style).  Continue reading “The Bees Nursery”

Officially 8 Months Pregnant


In my 8th month of pregnancy I just wanted to share a piece of real life from our growing little family. On a sunny Sunday afternoon Brandy J. of Brandy J. Art & Images came to our house to capture me and hubby in our full blown lax maternity element. Continue reading “Officially 8 Months Pregnant”

Si Na Ca Studios: A Hot Date For Two

So while I was out, date nights with the hubs certainly didn’t stop. There was one in particular that stood out among the rest and it was at Si Na Ca Studios off Magnolia in Fort Worth. This place is a studio dedicated to glass blowing!  Continue reading “Si Na Ca Studios: A Hot Date For Two”

It’s Been Too Long


Oh. My. Goodness!!!! I haven’t blogged in forever and I must say I genuinely miss writing. It has been entirely too long since I’ve mentioned a food post, a fashion post, or an adventurous post….and I’ve been hearing it from all sides too lol! I had to wait until I could be consistent so for the last few months I’ve been collecting photos in hopes of catching the blog back up. Now I believe it’s FINALLY time.

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Officially Home Owners


One thing the hubs and I cannot deny, is the constant work God does to bring things to fruition in our lives. That is no different for us in the search and purchase of our first house. If anyone has doubts that God isn’t very present in daily affairs, hear our testimony of how we came to own our home…

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Title Boxing At Athleta Dallas

penultimatefullsizerender-11Among the typical workouts that I enjoy like weight training and yoga, every once in a while I like to kick things up a notch. The perfect opportunity came up this weekend as my best friend invited me and my cousin to a boxing class at Athleta Dallas. Continue reading “Title Boxing At Athleta Dallas”

Labor Day Weekend Treehouse Staycation


When I was a kid, we lived right next to a heavily wooded area. It would have been nice to have a treehouse, but seeing as how my dad was determined to keep us on the ground, we never got one lol. Since then, I could only imagine what it would be like to own a treehouse. Shows like Treehouse Masters peaked my interest and left me wishing on a star, so when I found out there were such things as treehouse cabins in New Braunfels I was all over it.

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An Evening With Terry Bozzio

PenultimateFullSizeRenderHave you seen Whiplash? No? Well it’s a movie that is about a young college kid pursuing his dream of becoming a legendary percussionist (I highly recommend). At the end of the film, this kid gives the performance of his life! Totally rocks it out on his drum kit. My hubby and I love the movie so much that this weekend we were inspired to go see a drum performance by one Terry Bozzio (pictured above).

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