2021 San Francisco 9 Year Anniversary Trip

As me and the mister celebrate 9 years of marriage, we decided to get outside of Texas on an adventure I have been wanting to take for the last 2 years. Prior to Covid, I had been eager to visit the Giant Redwoods out in California. There’s something about just being small and seeing Gods work in creation that attracted me to the whole idea behind this particular trip.

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The Fine Hair Friendly Wash And Go

Me and wash and gos have NEVER got along! I thought I had done everything right; watch the YouTubers, follow the hair gurus, experiment with different hair products…NONE 👏🏾OF 👏🏾IT 👏🏾WORKED👏🏾 So I gave up! I threw in the towel (or the old cotton t-shirt if you’re a natralista). I walked away from wash and gos and didn’t look back.

One of my many Wash N Go fails 😒

My problem was, I didn’t believe I had wash and go hair. It just wasn’t a style that had ever fully cooperated with me. Well, now all that has changed and I am writing this blog to help anyone out there with similar hair that has given up on or considering giving up on wash and gos for themselves.

Everyone’s hair is so different and responds in such different ways, but maybe this technique will help you out and give you the wash and go you’ve been hoping for. Before I jump in to how I got the curls, let me give some insight on what my hair is like. **And side note, my stretch method DOES involve heat**

I have finer hair strands. My hair likes to hold onto water which causes it to super shrink up and can be annoying to get my stretched looks. My hair is heat trained so I don’t experience heat damage. My curl pattern is about a 3c.

I wanted to give that info in hopes of helping anyone else that might be the same type of hair. Now I’m going to list a step by step guide with pics on what and how I did it. Let’s jump in 😬😬

1. You want to start off with clean, detangled, curly very wet hair. I had used Tgin cleansing shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment and got my hair to the basic starting point.

2. You’ll want to section your hair just like you would to put them in chunky twists. I had 7 sections total when I was done (4 in the back, 1 on the front right, 2 on the front left) Grab a section of hair and take a spray bottle of water and leave in conditioner and spritz the hair throughout.

**I used Design Essentials Leave In Conditioner and mixed roughly 1-2tbs with a full spray bottle of water. Basically when you mix you want it to look cloudy**

I use this to comb product into my hair

3. Then you’ll want to take a good amount of foaming mousse (I used Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse) and finger rake or comb in through the same section of hair until the curls are very defined and poppin. Make sure and mousse your edges and ends very very well!!

4. This step is the key to how I finally got lasting definition! Once the section is defined and curly, do a chunky 2 strand twist all the way to the ends of the hair. I flat twisted the front sections of my hair to make sure I would get really great definition since those areas tend to want to frizz up on me.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve twisted all your hair.

6. Let your hair air dry as much as possible. I let mine dry over night. When I took out the twists, it was still a little damp, but that’s ok because the stretching method I used allowed for a blow dryer.

7. Stretch and dry each section of hair using a blow dryer with a focused attachment. I like this video from NaturalReign and found that even though my hair is different, it worked very nicely for me as well.

Look at the length difference AND definition 🙌🏾

8. Take a pick (I put argan oil on mine) and gently fluff and extend the hair.

9. Enjoy your flexible POPPIN curls!

My hair is having a party and you’re all invited 🥳

There you have it! Not only are my curls defined, they are flexible! I hope this has been helpful!! Try it out and lemme know if it works! Byyyyyyeeeeee 😬

A Moment Of Silence

Hi! Remember me? If not, allow me to reintroduce myself…My name is Aaaahhhh just kidding I won’t start this off like that 😭😂

Soooo, I decided to go offline on May 27. I stopped posting…I stopped scrolling… I just took a much needed break away from the screen to re-evaluate some things. It was so refreshingly necessary to have SPACE from the social media scene. Space to grieve over what I consider injustices. Space to sit quietly and listen to what was going on. Space to chew on what was said. Space to learn and educate myself. Space to enjoy my family. Space to think about life beyond the short term. Space to evaluate what I was putting into the public scene through my social networks and what my point even was.

I came to realize something; I enjoyed my time of less things to be concerned about. Minimizing my surroundings has given me better focus and drive to accomplish things I probably wouldn’t have before. I finally got some things in order. When I would think about if it was time to come back on, something would pull at me and say “not yet” so I kept not coming back yet…and I was cool with that.

Now I feel like the time might be appropriate. I believe I’m ready to be present in some kind of capacity, but definitely on a different pace. I don’t want to just show up and put something out there to be admired and passed on. I want to challenge myself to be brutally honest and cultivate more realness through my content.

Let me be clear, I still did me offline. I still cooked, I still Poshed, I still got out and kept adventurous…I just did it all from the backdrop of a black reflective screen with nothing to feel obligated to share. But now maybe I feel like sharing a little more.

I’d like to think I was missed. I hope I was missed at least a little if I’m honest. I know I missed engaging with you all so here it goes…

*And side note I haven’t been at this in like 10 months so please forgive my rustiness. Y’all know 10 months is like 10 years in social media time😝 Are hashtags still a thing???? Lol jk


June was a fun month. We took my Buzzy Bee to the Fort Worth zoo for the first time (dark moment, but do you know how zoos operate?? Don’t make my mistake and google it yikes!) And then my little who (at the time was 8 mos old) decided to start walking! Talk about a jump in anxiety for me 😭.

In Posh world, I got sold a pair of fake converse! These were a decent pair of counterfeits too. I’ve got a whole write up on it on my blog if you’re into that kind of thing lol

During this month I also found a really cool black tv moms shirt that I always get compliments on.


July was a chill month. I wore my hair in wash n go styles, found an awesome recipe for pepperoni and thyme pizza that I added to my meal rotation and found a new way to shoot pix for my Posh closet.


August was adventurous. Me and the mister stepped out for the first time since Covid and took a much needed Dallas staycation at a nice boutique hotel near SMU. I’ll probably add that to the blog. It was super fun! And the place was like a desert so that made me feel safe and happy.

During August I had also started a redecorating project. See the thing was, when we moved into our home, the next month we immediately got prego with Buzzy Bee so I never got the opportunity to decorate completely. 4 years later, I’m getting the chance. It’s a mix of upcycled and thrifted plus industrial and contemporary style. Sounds likea hot mess, but I promise it comes together in the end lol.

And last but not least my oldest turned 3 in August! Loved every minute of just enjoying her enjoy her day. She’s grown so much and it’s bitter sweet, but I’m excited where she is and what lies ahead.

This was also the month that Chadwick Boseman passed and that was absolutely heart breaking to hear. It’s odd because it’s not like I knew him, but still, just a heavy time.


September was a busy bee month for me. I discovered Facebook market place (the one social media I allowed myself to endeavor) and was selling stuff like crazy! It’s so nice to get rid of stuff!!! I feel cleaner, lighter.

September was the month I finally found a living room rug. Don’t judge me y’all, this is a milestone. I’ve been looking for a rug for 3 years!!! It deserves to be celebrated 😂.

This was also the month that I found a basically identical seagrass basket from West Elm at Hobby Lobby for half the price! Again, this was a huge win for me lol!


October was another busy month. We have 3 birthdays, my nephew, mine, and my daughters all in a row plus me and hubby’s 8th anniversary so lots and lots of celebration!!

HBD to me at XOXO Dallas with my fave guy
Happy 1st Bday Jay bird!

Got my hair did for the first time as an adult from my gal Fran at DFW Beauty Studio 🙌🏾

Became a plant mom of 3 (Beck, Zee Zee, and Justus). *Beck 1 and 2 have since died RIP, but Zee and Justus are still holding up nicely ☺️.

Completed an up-cycle of an IKEA side table.

Found out I’m allergic to a particular sauce I got at World Market. My face swelled up like Will Smith in Hitch when he’s searching for Benadryl! Yikes!

Found a cabinet for my at home coffee/bar to upcycle! I painted it this chalky blue and added my mini fridge and Keurig.

Got my first pair of Jordans ever in life! And I’m in love, these are the Jordan One Biohacks and they are my favorite shoe in the whole world right now 🙌🏾


Officially became Members of our new church Pillar Church in East Side Fort Worth 🙌🏾.

Went to visit fam in Houston that we hadn’t seen in FOREVER!!


Went to a wedding of some friends of ours. I didn’t realize how long it had been since being to a wedding until we were there and I was like “I haven’t been to a wedding in years”. It was wonderful to just be able to celebrate them.

Beck 1 died 😭My rubber plant.


Bought Beck 2…this one still ended up dying. I think maybe my kitchen table is NOT meant to house live plants 🤷🏾‍♀️.

Found a really great book called Forgotten Jesus by Robby Gallaty. It speaks about Jesus from His Jewish roots perspective. Very eye opening **I highly recommend**

Husbands bday is in Jan so I took him to Texas Motor Speedway to fulfill his need for speed. Ok honestly I was trying to “scare him straight” thinking if I got him to be driven really fast he might slow down with me in the car….didn’t work 😐.

They got up to 150/160 mph


I played Play Dough pizza with my kid for like a week straight 🤣

My husband treated me to a trip to my favorite store (Tory Burch) AND HE ACTUALLY SHOPPED WITH ME!!!! I found this fun little number and have been enjoying that new leather smell.


This was the month I released my book Mama Braids and came back on social media. It was very emotional for me because all during this time I had been working on it behind the scenes with ups and downs and just a lot of anxiety. I’m glad it’s here…I may never write again 😅 JK.

So you’re all caught up. Either you’ve hung in with me til the end and read this entirely too long post or got bored and snuck out somewhere in the middle. I hope you at least opened the email and was like “Who emails at 7am in the morning??” 🙋🏾‍♀️Me…I do, because my kids make me be up that early 😂.

I’m actually up writing this the night before and scheduling it to go live at 7am in hopes of not feeling alone in my early up hours. I think that about does it for catching up. What y’all been up too? I’m nosey 🤣.

Birth Story: Amariah Jai

Amariah’s birth actually starts 4 days before she came. On Sunday October 13th, I began to get something called Prodromal Labor Contractions. What are those you ask? Nature’s cruel joke is the best way I can put it. Basically, they are all the strength of real contractions, however, they don’t dilate the cervix significantly or at all. Sounds fun right?

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Little Sis 30th Super Mario Party

My youngest sister is a huge Nintendo fan. She’s always had the gaming systems from handhelds to tv hook ups. One thing that is always a big deal for her is the world of Mario and one of his favorite companions, Yoshi.

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A Vacation For The Record

When I think of vacation, I think of blue skies, a nice sandy beach, warm ocean water, and of course this year for our first family vacation, I had thoughts of us being in optimal health to enjoy all that lovely weather.

Well…(and I’m sure it won’t look like it from all the following pictures) the last thing on my mind was being sick on vacation, but that’s exactly what happened. Our first family vacation and it was full of runny noses, sneezing, coughing, sore throats, and basically fighting to enjoy all the good that comes with taking a much needed break.

I’m not talking about just myself. We were all sick wit’ it. However, we still managed to have fun at the end of the day.

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Officially A Mom

It has finally hit me…I’m a mom!

Even though we’ve had our daughter for 7 weeks, up until this point it’s been an awkward getting to know you phase. When we brought her home from the birthing center, it was just so surreal. I knew she came out of me but I just still couldn’t believe she was actually out of me. One minute she’s tucked away safe in my belly, the next she’s screaming and crying bloody murder as she is being wrapped like a burrito in swaddling cloths. Continue reading “Officially A Mom”

Brinley’s Birth Story 

I went into early labor at 11:30pm 8/29/17. At the time our Houston refugee cousins had just left and we were settling down for the night. I felt crampy but with a different twinge of pain so I ignored it until I could confirm they weren’t going away. At 3:30 that morning I had begun to lose my plug so RJ and I were extremely excited that things were getting underway. The next day during active labor we notified our birthing team so they could head over to the house and help us through. Continue reading “Brinley’s Birth Story “