Natural Hairapy: Hair Yarn

Me and my hair have been on the natural journey since 2014. I know at the time of writing this article it has been roughly 8 years, but in hair years it def feels much longer. I’ve had challenges beyond measure with my hair and scalp and this past year I have FINALLY found some things that worked for me 🙌🏾 I’d like to share my learnings in hopes that maybe if there are similar challenges faced, this can help give some hope. Let’s jump in!

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Mommy Style 2.0

Wow! This section is in need of some dusting off! I haven’t wrote a blog about my style in…**sheesh**…how long? I know for myself with becoming a mom there was/is always a chance my sense of style could go flying into the abyss. Yikes! Do I even still have style??? 🤔 Let’s hope so.

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My “I Don’t Want To Look Like A Mom” Mommy Tote

Being thrust into the mother of two worlds comes with certain…predictions. I drive an suv, I only wear yoga pants out of the house, I have a faint yet continual scent of animal crackers emitting from my person at all times lol. While some of these truly define me, I felt like when I was preparing for the new stage of motherhood, more thoughtfulness was needed when it came to the type of diaper bag I would be hauling around. 

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My Style: Tory Burch Kira Small Tote In Perfect Sand

My hubby gave me some spending money that he said I absolutely had to use for myself. I was surprised and excited all at once, but I couldn’t figure out what in the world to purchase (I know dumb problem to have right). After a day of not finding anything, he recommended maybe it was time for a new Tory Burch bag…and guess what?? He was right!

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7 Of My Postpartum Faves

Every time I go through a life change my clothing evolves. Obviously having a baby takes a toll on the body and in my need to feel comfortable and stylish I have developed this reoccurring obsession with a select few items in my closet. These are the items I wear almost weekly simply because I feel they give me a little edge without looking too mommy-ish.

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Maternity Swimsuit Hack

I love swimming! It’s cooling, refreshing, just an all out relaxing time. During the summer I usually hit up the store to struggle through try on after try on of swimwear. Believe it or not, I’m actually more of a modest person when it comes to my swim gear. I don’t like to show a lot of skin so there’s an extra challenge when it comes to carrying a baby and trying to find a swimsuit.There are several problems when one is in full belly mode and wants to find a decent bathing suit.

1. Most maternity swimwear is online only. This sucks because there’s the potential that it won’t fit AND I have to wait for it to be shipped. (That wasn’t an option for me. I needed a swimsuit like yesterday).

2. Maternity swimwear is specialty so it gets those lovely specialty prices. I’m looking at price tags of $70+ for something I won’t even wear but a couple of times.

3. A lot of maternity bathing suits I found to be heavily one pieced and very few high waisted options. For us non bare skin belly gals with long torsos, one pieces are a gamble when not pregnant and the high waist I mostly found, again, online only. Womp!

What’s a gal to do?????? Well I’ll share what I did. I looked at a couple of things to help me find a reasonable solution. What is swimwear? Usually a suit made up of spandex and nylon. You know what else is made up of nylon and spandex???? Underwear. Yup! You can literally go to any store and find plain black high waist briefs or boy shorts and they will be just as good and probably less expensive than regular swim gear and no one is the wiser. Unfortunately I couldn’t find any that would fit my belly at the moment but best believe I will be using that hack!

Another thing I thought of was the dynamic. If I HAVE to wear a 2 piece, I just need the top long enough to cover my belly. I can still wear the bottoms and feel no shame. Enter Old Navy. I found a really cute luxe tank made from mostly rayon that fit the bill. Rayon is another synthetic fiber you will see a lot of swimwear made from. My tank was on sale for $12 so I snagged it up. 

I wanted to have a fun mix and match texture to my top so I headed to Target to find some bottoms. I ran across a very cute pair of black and white stripe swim bottoms for $18. Black and white is perfect because it can go with so many different items. This was exactly what I was hoping for.

Within the hour I had a complete modest maternity swim set that I was able to purchase in store for $30! Not bad for a first attempt. I’m so happy with my hack and glad that I’ll be able to wear the tank even postpartum. Hope this helps anyone out there that might run into the same dilemma. Always remember there’s another less expensive way! Happy shopping 😊 

Louis Vuitton: Petit Noé

I want to cue you in on something, no one ever needs more than three (that’s right three) handbags. The classic tote, cross-body, and clutch work just fine. Now ask me why I decided to get a Vintage Louis Vuitton Petit Noé Bucket Bag and I’ll say this doesn’t count because it’s a want, not a need 😜. Continue reading “Louis Vuitton: Petit Noé”

Feelin’ Fleecy Keen

A few weeks ago I was out looking for a cool jacket to wear for the Fall/Winter season. I didn’t want anything major, just something to throw on when I go for a jog or a grab and go in basic casual settings.

While frequenting Clothes Mentor, one of my favorite spots, I came across this Lululemon Fleecy Keen Jacket and let me tell you, I got it for a steal!

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Let’s Be Cute At The Gym

IMG_3439I really enjoy working out at our local Anytime Fitness. As I have become more of a regular, I realize one thing that helps me get excited about a workout is figuring out what the heck I plan to wear. It probably sounds crazy, and it might be, BUT I have also noticed when I take the time to find something cute and functional to sweat in, I actually do more work lol! Continue reading “Let’s Be Cute At The Gym”