Pearl Street Station Cajun and BBQ Eatery

In the times I’ve eaten “hole in the wall” food, why is it that Gas Station restaurants tend to serve good food? Seems to go against nature to me. Pearl Street Station is a Gas Station that’s just one of those restaurants. It’s currently situated in the cozy town square of an ever growing Granbury Texas. Continue reading “Pearl Street Station Cajun and BBQ Eatery”

Birthday Dinner Bob’s Chophouse At The Omni Fort Worth


In mine and my husbands families, every time there is a birthday, we get together for a big dinner. It’s nice because we get to see each other and it helps us stay connected to what everyone has going on in their lives. My birthday is the last one of the year to celebrate for all the families and my husbands is the first of the year that we all celebrate.

Continue reading “Birthday Dinner Bob’s Chophouse At The Omni Fort Worth”

Tasty’s Is In The House!


Almost every year I go to the State Fair of Texas. As soon as I walk through those “pearly gates” I beeline straight for a shack selling turkey legs. There is something about an oversized drumstick of meat that puts an extra pep in my step. I will walk around satisfied with that juicy meat for hours hesitant to share with my own hubby for fear of him taking too big a bite. The only unfortunate thing is that’s the ONLY time I can get a REALLY great turkey leg……..until now!!!!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of my brother and sister-in-laws new restaurant Tasty’s BBQ and Turkey Leg Connection.

I’ve had one of these turkey legs before and let me tell you, I think these taste better than the State Fairs, AND now I can get them year round. Continue reading “Tasty’s Is In The House!”

Good Eats: Angie’s Bikkles


One of my first introductions to Jamaican style flavors was a great spot over in Dallas called Elaine’s Kitchen. They had everything from fall off the bone ox tail, curry goat, amazing jerk chicken…you name it they had it. The only small problem I had was this place was it being in Dallas. I’m a Fortworthian and I am LAYYY-Z. Like when it comes to going anywhere, if I can’t find it locally, chances are I’m just not going lol!

A couple of weeks ago, I was hunting trying to find a spot for me and a friend to meet up for lunch. After searching on Yelp, I see Angie’s Bikkles pop up. What caught my attention was all the wonderful reviews people had left online. My mind was made up, I was going to need to try this spot out! Continue reading “Good Eats: Angie’s Bikkles”