Birthday Dinner Bob’s Chophouse At The Omni Fort Worth


In mine and my husbands families, every time there is a birthday, we get together for a big dinner. It’s nice because we get to see each other and it helps us stay connected to what everyone has going on in their lives. My birthday is the last one of the year to celebrate for all the families and my husbands is the first of the year that we all celebrate.

This time around my birthday was a little different. If you read my previous post, it was recapping our home buying experience and it just so happened that we closed the morning of my birthday! It was truly a memorable time and certainly one I will never forget.

Because I am a fashionista and I knew there would be tons of signing documents at the closing, I wanted my hands to look nice (don’t judge me lol). I decided to get my nails done with that trendy chrome dipping powder I had kept hearing about. Needless to say, my hands were ready to sign whatever documents came my way LOL!

Bright and early at 8 a.m. we walked into the realtor office with a celebratory bottle of champagne in hand. After signing infinity billion documents, we had multiple celebrations for the official closing and for my birthday. My sweet realtor also got me some gorgeous birthday flowers to take home 😀



After that, we got back to the house and just chilled. We finished our champagne while eating Turkey Legs from Tasty’s BBQ and catching up on an episode of Power. Hubs still had to go to work, but I didn’t mind having the day off giving me a time to wind down and just take it all in.

Later that night we had already planned to eat at Bob’s Steak and Chop House in the Omni Hotel in Downtown Fort Worth. Before heading to dinner, we stopped by our new house to pic up the keys and gush over it one more time lol.

Upon entering Bob’s it immediately got us in the mood for the delicious food we were about to experience. The atmosphere is sultry with dim lighting that makes you feel like you’re in your own private space.

I started my meal with a fresh tomato salad. I really enjoyed the zing of acid from the vinaigrette and the tame mildness of the mozzarella cheese.


At first I was going to order myself a Filet Mignon, but then our waitress told us about the special and that changed everything! We ended up sharing a 22oz Wagyu Steak Tomahawk (Wagyu beef refers to Japanese beef cattle. The way the cows are bread give it a depth of flavor and make it very tender due to the marbling distribution of fat. I know I just lost a ton of brownie points because last week was our final vegan meal for the month).

The meat truly does melt in your mouth. It was seasoned to perfection and cooked to a lovely medium rare throughout. We couldn’t nor did we even try to finish the amazing amount of food before us. Besides the amazing bit of steak, the dish also came with a beautifully sweetened glazed carrot, cream and crispy skillet potatoes, and some fresh roasted asparagus.

*Please excuse the dim pictures on account of the lighting in the restaurant.

fullsizerender-10 fullsizerender-9

As we dinned away just reflecting on all the excitement of the day, it truly reminded me how blessed and thankful we are to be walking in this stage of life together. At the close of the meal hubby let me read the birthday card he got for me. Our waitress also brought us a large complementary slice of Chocolate Birthday Cake soaked in rum! YUMMMM!

I really tried to eat more, but I didn’t want to over stuff myself. We took a good bit of it with us, but as of today it is completely gone as we have ate and enjoyed our left overs LOL!

Needless to say, the evening was enjoyable and eventful. It was a full day of celebrating and just reminiscing on how far we have come as a married couple. From closing to dining it was hands down one of the best days I have ever experienced and I will never ever forget!

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