It’s Been Too Long


Oh. My. Goodness!!!! I haven’t blogged in forever and I must say I genuinely miss writing. It has been entirely too long since I’ve mentioned a food post, a fashion post, or an adventurous post….and I’ve been hearing it from all sides too lol! I had to wait until I could be consistent so for the last few months I’ve been collecting photos in hopes of catching the blog back up. Now I believe it’s FINALLY time.

Let me update with what’s been going on. In the start of Winter of last year, we unexpectedly found out we were expecting. The plan was to live in our older/new home for about 1 year before kiddos but, God had other plans for our little fam.

The first trimester I basically went hermit and all I did was eat and sleep….seriously. And when I did eat any food I felt nauseated to the point of loosing a good bit of appetite (a sad time for any foodie). My tastebuds went HAYWIRE lol! One minute I wanted a burger, the next minute I hated burgers and wanted a full plate of spaghetti. And what’s worse was I was too tired to make either so my wonderful hubs would fix or bring whatever my latest food craving was (thank you hubs a thousand times over!!!).

Now I’m in the second trimester and things have really been more smooth sailing. I have my energy back, I can eat more like my true foodie self again (minus the alcohol and raw fish sushi) and I have been Poshing like a madwoman!

Now I have a few minor adjustments which I plan to incorporate into my blogging life. With the Food section I plan to just talk about the Foodie Friday dish without the alcohol for now. Maybe I can add in some pairings I would have had until I can actually have a drank for real (lol yes I said “drank”). And I have some new spots that I’ve tried that I’d love to share (I mean let’s face it, I’m prego so of course I’m trying new food while I still can lol).

With the Fun link on my blog, I have some backlog adventures that I’ve been meaning to post. Everything from a date at a glass blowing company to my husbands 30th birthday adventure to Oklahoma City to watch Russell Westbrook and Lebron duke it out. You don’t want to miss updates in this section.

Ah and alas the link to my love Fashion. I have sooooo many new Posh stories coming so stay tuned! I had to redo my entire Posh closet again, I have lessons I learned from a Tory Burch wristlet getting lost in the mail, and I finally got to and beyond my goal of 50k followers!!! Eeek!!! Lots of stories to share there.

Further, now that I officially can no longer wear my regular clothes cause I’m hard at work growing a tiny human, I have been focusing in on my fashion faves and efforts to wear cute, inexpensive clothes that are comfy but stylish. There shall be stories for days on this.

So there you have it in a nutshell! I can’t wait to catch up the blog and share the good, the bad (but mostly good) and everything in between. Next post going up soon so be on the lookout. 😀

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