The Fine Hair Friendly Wash And Go

Me and wash and gos have NEVER got along! I thought I had done everything right; watch the YouTubers, follow the hair gurus, experiment with different hair products…NONE 👏🏾OF 👏🏾IT 👏🏾WORKED👏🏾 So I gave up! I threw in the towel (or the old cotton t-shirt if you’re a natralista). I walked away from wash and gos and didn’t look back.

One of my many Wash N Go fails 😒

My problem was, I didn’t believe I had wash and go hair. It just wasn’t a style that had ever fully cooperated with me. Well, now all that has changed and I am writing this blog to help anyone out there with similar hair that has given up on or considering giving up on wash and gos for themselves.

Everyone’s hair is so different and responds in such different ways, but maybe this technique will help you out and give you the wash and go you’ve been hoping for. Before I jump in to how I got the curls, let me give some insight on what my hair is like. **And side note, my stretch method DOES involve heat**

I have finer hair strands. My hair likes to hold onto water which causes it to super shrink up and can be annoying to get my stretched looks. My hair is heat trained so I don’t experience heat damage. My curl pattern is about a 3c.

I wanted to give that info in hopes of helping anyone else that might be the same type of hair. Now I’m going to list a step by step guide with pics on what and how I did it. Let’s jump in 😬😬

1. You want to start off with clean, detangled, curly very wet hair. I had used Tgin cleansing shampoo followed by a deep conditioning treatment and got my hair to the basic starting point.

2. You’ll want to section your hair just like you would to put them in chunky twists. I had 7 sections total when I was done (4 in the back, 1 on the front right, 2 on the front left) Grab a section of hair and take a spray bottle of water and leave in conditioner and spritz the hair throughout.

**I used Design Essentials Leave In Conditioner and mixed roughly 1-2tbs with a full spray bottle of water. Basically when you mix you want it to look cloudy**

I use this to comb product into my hair

3. Then you’ll want to take a good amount of foaming mousse (I used Design Essentials Curl Enhancing Mousse) and finger rake or comb in through the same section of hair until the curls are very defined and poppin. Make sure and mousse your edges and ends very very well!!

4. This step is the key to how I finally got lasting definition! Once the section is defined and curly, do a chunky 2 strand twist all the way to the ends of the hair. I flat twisted the front sections of my hair to make sure I would get really great definition since those areas tend to want to frizz up on me.

5. Repeat steps 2-4 until you’ve twisted all your hair.

6. Let your hair air dry as much as possible. I let mine dry over night. When I took out the twists, it was still a little damp, but that’s ok because the stretching method I used allowed for a blow dryer.

7. Stretch and dry each section of hair using a blow dryer with a focused attachment. I like this video from NaturalReign and found that even though my hair is different, it worked very nicely for me as well.

Look at the length difference AND definition 🙌🏾

8. Take a pick (I put argan oil on mine) and gently fluff and extend the hair.

9. Enjoy your flexible POPPIN curls!

My hair is having a party and you’re all invited 🥳

There you have it! Not only are my curls defined, they are flexible! I hope this has been helpful!! Try it out and lemme know if it works! Byyyyyyeeeeee 😬

2 thoughts on “The Fine Hair Friendly Wash And Go

  1. Kim how about doing this on You Tube. It would probably help a lot of women with the same type of hair. I have stop trying to do wash and goes just because as you said they don’t work for me. I know that our hair is different but after reading your post I plan to give it another try.

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