Tasty’s Is In The House!


Almost every year I go to the State Fair of Texas. As soon as I walk through those “pearly gates” I beeline straight for a shack selling turkey legs. There is something about an oversized drumstick of meat that puts an extra pep in my step. I will walk around satisfied with that juicy meat for hours hesitant to share with my own hubby for fear of him taking too big a bite. The only unfortunate thing is that’s the ONLY time I can get a REALLY great turkey leg……..until now!!!!

Last week I had the pleasure of attending the grand opening of my brother and sister-in-laws new restaurant Tasty’s BBQ and Turkey Leg Connection.

I’ve had one of these turkey legs before and let me tell you, I think these taste better than the State Fairs, AND now I can get them year round. Continue reading “Tasty’s Is In The House!”