Good Eats: Bird Cafe Sundance Square

IMG_2301Nothing like a post church brunch stop at Bird Cafe. Located in Sundance Square, Bird Cafe has one of the more unique styles of brunch which is heavily appreciated! Here my husband can be seen pouring syrup over his Waffle Carne Asada: Skirt steak, peppers, onions and brie. 

IMG_2302 I LOVE Eggs Benedict. I feel it’s one of those dishes you just can’t go wrong. Unfortunately I had already begun digging into my food (please excuse the presumed greediness), but this was there Bird Creole Benedict: A split biscuit, friend green tomatoes poached eggs, and crawfish étouffée.


And of course we had to split a pitcher of The Bird Mimosa: A lovely concoction of classic mimosa mixed with hibiscus. It adds a nice floral note to the beverage.


Us post meal sharing smiles. Who wouldn’t be happy after a delicious brunch at this great local spot!

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