My New Best Friend….Hello Fresh


Yes, I have finally jumped on the band wagon. Hello Fresh is my new best friend! I have been hearing about this for months. And finally (against my own will) I caved in to a Groupon to see what all the fuss was about. Can I just say MIND BLOWN!

First off, I pride myself at being a very savvy grocery shopper. I never thought I would even need to use something like Hello Fresh. However, as of late, my free time has become quite crowded, so I have been searching for ways to get our daily foodie fix. I needed something that would allow me to still keep cooking as my creative outlet, save me time on trips to the grocery store, and keep me in budget for our meals.

In steps Hello Fresh in all of its glory! It really makes meal planning super easy.

All items comes in a nice neat box. That makes storing it in the fridge a breeze. I cannot remember the last time our fridge was so fresh and so clean clean (yes that was on purpose #outkast).


Everything in the box is all that you will need! We have constantly had issues with left over items that I end up throwing out after one use. This saves me from being wasteful.


Each meal comes with photo instructions on exactly how to cook. The meals really don’t take but 30 minutes on average. And even though I love cooking, after a long day, I don’t want to be in the kitchen for hours.


Clean up is simple too. Since everything is pre packaged for one time use, there’s really nothing left over but empty boxes to throw away.

Now in order to be objective and fair, I have to give some cons:

  1. This can be challenging for someone who has specific meal needs/preferences. So if you don’t eat pork or seafood (like my hubby) then you have to make sure and check the items that are ordered weekly.
  2. As with all fresh items, they can parish quickly. So when I fall behind cooking schedule, I risk being wasteful of some of my fresh produce in the box.
  3. The box is kind of heavy. Just make sure you don’t try to lug it up the stairs of an apartment after leg day.

None of these cons are real deal breakers anyway. I really enjoy this service. It makes daily meal prepping easier without taking away the things that I love about cooking. I’d say that’s a win win.

Be sure to check out my Foodie Friday’s featuring some Hello Fresh meals! And if you are interested in this service for yourself, feel free to use my coupon code (95SX6F) and get $40 off your first delivery!




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