High On Saint Cloud 9: My First Louis Vuitton


Eeeek! So excited! This should have happened by now, but better late than never right?! Today I received my very first Louis Vuitton Handbag! Now before I get into all the deets, let me just say I did purchase it certified authentic so it’s not brand new, but it’s new for me which is good enough! Introducing my Monogram Saint Cloud MM Cross Body Circa 1993

IMG_3693I wasn’t even considering getting an LV at first. I was thinking about going to get another Tory Burch (my first designer obsession ever). However, I paused on the Tory because I wanted to see if there was anything else out there that would capture all of my wants/needs in a fun little cross body style.

I had been up for hours searching through several designers; Prada, Fendi, Gucci, etc. trying to find a casual/cute/functional/price friendly bag. I knew I wanted to stay within budget, so I thought I would take a huge risk and see what Louis Vuitton might have to offer. (Ha! I just laughed at myself for putting “Louis Vuitton” and “budget” into the same sentence lol).

IMG_3694What I found quite pleasantly surprised me. LV offered some really nice older model cross body’s. There is the Pochette, which was cute and dainty and I did like, so that was number one on my list. Then I found this really nice amazing Monceau Top Handle Satchel that I was completely falling for! It had the perfect mix of class and style. Unfortunately, I could not find one that was exact size I wanted within the U.S. (sad face).

IMG_3696Then I came across the Saint Cloud model. I looked over the different sizes and went back and forth between that one and the Monceau. I needed something that would be practical for everyday use as well as simple accessibility. Ultimately what swayed my decision was the petite size of the MM Cross body (I always lose stuff in my bags. It’s like carrying around my own Bermuda Triangle). And the biggest cherry on top was it’s uniqueness. In a world full of Speedy’s and Neverfulls (no offense to those who have them) I just crave something classic, but different and this fit me just fine.

I do hope to get another, newer Louis Vuitton at some point (hint hint Hubby 😉 lol). But for now I am perfectly content with this little number!



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