My Latest Obsession: Lululemon


I have a confession to make, my latest obsession is Lululemon. First off, I know I am late jumping on the band wagon. I don’t even know where this came from. I had been hearing about it, I had seen it, I had even been to the stores a couple of times. And now, like a fish on a reel, I’m hooked!

I’m not sure where I went from being so “meh” about it to potentially having an unhealthy liking for this brand. The only way I can explain it is I feel like the annoying girl who’s been crushing on a guy, then somehow got his number and now won’t stop calling (don’t ask where I got that analogy or why I found it most appropriate lol).

I’m ALWAYS on the Lululemon website. I’m constantly looking for it on my Poshmark app, and I won’t stop researching every little detail of anything I’m remotely interested in.

A few reasons why I’m obsessed:

1. They really think about practical function and make it part of the apparel. I have a pair of “What The Sport Shorts” and I love all the little thoughtful pockets! I can put keys, my ring, and even a skittle or two in these delightful pouches!

2. They are efficient. Now that I work part time, I can have a bag to take to the gym and carry work papers. Enter in my “Om The Day Tote”. It has a wet/dry bag to keep sweaty stuff away from my business stuff. And the tote is a great neutral maroon. Plus there’s a built in strap for my yoga mat (now that I’ve been getting into yoga).

3. It’s cute! I found this adorable skort (skirt and short got married then had a baby) in the WMTM (We Made Too Much: Lulus way of saying SALE) section. It’s comfortable, and perfect as a fashion savvy throw on without trying.

I think my obsession will die down over time and turn into a healthy infatuation. For now I’m going to scour the Lulu field for some Wunder Unders…

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