Slide The City: Fort Worth

IMG_2933Events like these come a dime a dozen and you just have to pounce on them. Slide the city came to Fort Worth last year and set up a huge slip n’ slide down Main Street bridge. I never got a slip n’ slide as a kid, so of course I am going to be geeked at the opportunity to try this out!

I needed to be as prepared as possible, so my first order of business was to order this ridiculous Homer Simpson looking donut floatie tube (complete with bite taken out lol). IMG_3002Next, we had to wait in a seriously loooong line of anticipating sliders ready to beat the heat on a 2000ft slip n’ slide. Only 1000 more people to go then it’s our turn lol!IMG_2938

Sliding took a lot more energy than I anticipated. There was a lot of run, jump, slide, repeat to make it the whole way down. But once you get to the bottom of the slide you are met with the heavenly smell of delicious delights from all the surrounding food tents; makes the whole thing worth the work. We went straight for the Rodeo Goat line and grabbed a couple of amazing sliders (Lol get it?? Sliders!!)IMG_2973

After all of that sliding and eating, we were pretty pooped so we decided to head out. It was a very worth it experience. I highly recommend giving it a try at least once. And for the record, I never thought I would be able to tell people I rode a huge floatie tube donut down Main, but hey, I guess in our city, anything is possible!IMG_2993

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