Dallas Daycation Staycation


Local adventure for us constitutes any city located within an hour of driving. During the summer Hubby and I are extra busy with work and visiting friends and family so we can forget to hang out with each other….duh LOL!

A couple weeks ago we decided to do a staycation in Dallas. We were going to be out there for a friends birthday anyway so I recommended we book a hotel (yes we are at times too lazy to drive back from Dallas to Fort Worth lol! Don’t judge us). 

The adventure began with yoga at Athleta. Occasionally they host their own classes so my bff invited us. We were super excited to practice our poses in the middle of the store and then of course shopping for me afterwards lol! I found these AMAZING Stripes Chaturanga Capris (I will have to add them in another post).


We had time to kill before checking into our room so we headed to North Park Mall. I might as well confess it while I’m writing, I don’t care for North Park, but I like H&M and H&M was inside North Park, so in we go.

All wasn’t lost though, while walking around we spotted a virtual reality demonstration at the Microsoft store so we stopped in so Hubby could take if for a whirl. Besides looking extra Robocop-ish, he mentioned the experience to be pretty breath taking. It was an underwater wrecked ship demo (the only one available at the time). He did mention being on the look out for virtual sharks though!IMG_3171

After the mall, we had built up quite an appetite so next thing on the course was to get in some good eats! For my birthday in the fall we went to this spot called HG Sply Co. They are FINALLY bringing one to Fort Worth so I am extra geeked for its opening! Since we were in the neighborhood we decided to hit it up again. What’s great about this place is they serve paleo style dishes. And what’s even better is they have a drink menu that pairs nicely with the food. IMG_3173

Pictured below is the highly recommended build your own bowl with Akaushi Beef, poblano cauliflower cashew grits, and rainbow chard with mushrooms.


I’m a sucker for Ahi Tuna so I went for  the Poke Salad. Fresh tuna with lemon, avocado, and jalapeno over seaweed.


Once we were fully fed it was time to finally head to the Omni for some much needed down time. I have always wanted to stay in the Dallas Omni because it lights up some vibrantly at night (I pick the smallest reasons to want to do something). The cover photo of this post was the view from our room. I highly recommend this hotel for a stay. The room service is top notch and the amenities just can’t be beat.

IMG_3179 IMG_3178 IMG_3181

It’s silly, but one of the highlights of the hotel was the tv inside the mirror in the bathroom! We certainly got a kick out of that. IMG_3184 IMG_3183Needless to say our stacation was a success! We both got some much needed us time and enjoyed what Dallas had to offer. We still prefer Fort Worth, but a little daycation staycation in Dallas never hurt no body lol!

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