My Other Latest Obsession: Wildfox Couture

IMG_3813I know, I know….I’m back already with something else I’m on about, but I can’t help it. Wildfox Couture is like that thing you’ve been thinking in your head and now it’s finally on a tee shirt! I can’t pass that up; a chance to be random without even opening my mouth!??! Shut up (in Rachel McAdams Mean Girls voice).

What initially drew me in to Wildfox was that quirky banter posted all over their tops. My first love was the “For Fox’s Sake” Hoodie. I couldn’t find the hoodie for a price I liked so naturally I got the just as awesome cropped tee.

Following the cropped tee I got a “Shopping Is My Cardio” Tank which I predictively wear to the gym. I might stop wearing it to workout though because I’ve been getting interrupted mid set (with headphones still in ear) from people commenting on the tank lol.


So now I have my eye on this “Last Unicorn” tee…..and I seriously stopped typing mid sentence to purchase it right now so I will have to update you all on how much I love it once it arrives in 2-3 business days. Thanks Dolls Kill for feeding the monster and for the free shipping.

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