Title Boxing At Athleta Dallas

penultimatefullsizerender-11Among the typical workouts that I enjoy like weight training and yoga, every once in a while I like to kick things up a notch. The perfect opportunity came up this weekend as my best friend invited me and my cousin to a boxing class at Athleta Dallas.img_6587

The event took place right in the store and was put on by Title Boxing. At first I thought the class would be kick boxing, but we quickly learned it was focusing strictly on punches and combo sets.

No worries, we were already amped. Before getting started, all the ladies had to “wrap up” which is basically a way to provide extra support for the wrist and knuckles while throwing punches. I must admit it felt pretty cool to have wrapped knuckles. At that point I was sure I could take on anyone LOL! We got to keep the wraps too, compliments of Title Boxing.

penultimatefullsizerender-10   fullsizerender-2   

Next, we grabbed a pair of boxing gloves and got ready to warm up. We did some jumping jacks, jogging in place, and butt kicks to get all loose. After that, it was time to start punching. We started off in a big circle with our instructors letting us practice hitting on their trainer punching gloves. They would go around the circle starting off with simple jabs and then ramp up adding in crosses, upper cuts, and hooks.

fullsizerender-7We did A LOT of combos. And you go really fast so there is little time to think between punches. But it burns a lot of calories and helps with core strength since the entire body is involved. It was really easy to break a sweat with all that upper body movement. We even had a chance to work the obliques with bob and weaves thrown into our combos.

fullsizerender-8Overall it was a really fun class. First off, it was FREE! And then on top of that a great workout left us sore but energized and ready to kick some butt! People better watch out lol! Us gals might have nice smiles but thanks to Title Boxing we also pack a mean punch 🙂 penultimatefullsizerender-7

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