Pick Me: How To Get Selected For A Host Pick


So a couple weeks ago I co-hosted my very first Posh Party. It was so much fun and tons of prep work (for weirdo’s like me who gasp in excitement at words like “plan” and “prep”).

I learned a bunch and documented a lot of my process on my last blog What It’s Like To Host A Posh Party. Now that it has come to an end, I wanted to revisit and dive a little deeper into the process of choosing those ever elusive Host Picks. My goal is to help bring  awareness to those who might have had trouble in the past getting attention for Host Picks and to hopefully help them get noticed by providing insight into how I chose mine :D.

Let’s get started!

Tip #1: Before even asking a co-host to check out your closet, I highly recommend you make sure your closet is 100% Posh compliant AND that you have clear cover shots. Within the first few scrolls of a closet, I was generally able to tell if I was going to be able to use any items and if the closet was following the rules. Generally hosts will check, so make it simpler for them to say “yes”.

Tip #2: Say something early or at least as soon as possible. The earlier the better. When a posher announces that they will be hosting a party, notifications blow up fast! The closer into the party, the more notifications they get. I know I wasn’t able to look through every single notification, but what I would do was look at the listing I created to see who was tagged, who liked, and who commented. This was an easier way to find people for me.

Tip #3: Be on a tag list. Some Vet Posher’s create these name lists of compliant Posher’s that they will copy and paste into Posh Party announcements. What’s great about that is for Co-Hosts it’s typically a trusted resource of closets to look through for Host Picks. Check some of the announcements and see who is tagging people and then maybe on a separate listing in their closet reach out to them and ask the criteria to be added on their list.

Tip #4: Do a share bomb on a Co-Host closet. When someone has a lot of followers, it’s hard to see 1 share. If you want to get their attention, share like crazy in their closet. Share 15-20 items. You have a better chance of being seen if you’re on a long strand in their news feed lol!

Tip #5: Ask and tell. When I was searching through Posher’s that were asking for Host Picks, people who asked AND told me that it would be their first host pick or that they didn’t have many automatically stood out to me. The reason being because I wanted to pick those who typically got lost in the shuffle and help them gain some closet exposure.

Tip #6: Recommend other Posh closets. This tip might be a little odd, but it really shows a lot of heart when you don’t even recommend your closet first…rather recommending you PFF’s closets. It encourages one to check who gave them some great recommendations and reward with a Host Pick as a thank you.

Tip #7: Ask for a Host Pick on a separate listing. This one is more subjective because not every host might want this done, BUT I thought it was really smart of some of the Posher’s to ask on separate listings I had in my closet. It helped because the comments in my Posh Party listing really started to get overwhelming towards the end. The only unfortunate thing was they did it kind of late in the game so it wasn’t until the party was over that I even saw they had asked.

Tip #8: Try reaching out on another form of social media. I did this with my Instagram account. I knew at some point I wouldn’t be able to see every comment, but because my IG following was way smaller, I decided to use it as an outlet to find great closets as well.

Tip #9: Appeal to a speciality category with your listing and try to get a Host Pick that way. Parties for mens, kids, accessories, plus, etc. are still opportunities for Host Picks. And since mens and kids are newer to the game, there is plenty of need for amazing items to be showcased. I have a pair of kids Nikes that I can fit, but am now selling and they have been tagged as a Host Pick twice without me even trying!

Tip #10: Hail Mary it! So let’s say you’ve done all you can and now it’s the night of the party…share your items after the party get’s underway, but maybe a little closer to the end (about an hour to 30 minutes until the end). Sometimes Hosts save a few picks for those who are sharing in the news feed or to the party. They wait until they see something they like and then they just chose it as a Host Pick. I’ve had this happen a couple of times and I am always surprised LOL!

There you have it. I hope the information was helpful and the tips useful. If anyone has any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Happy Poshing 😀

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