Zero to One Hundred: A Closet Revamp Gone Terribly Right


When I started paying attention to my poshing at the beginning of this year, I still didn’t have everything right. I was sharing like crazy, I was on Posh much more than I had been in the past, and I still didn’t see sales fly out the door. After some discussion and encouragement from a fellow PFF I decided I needed to do an entire closet revamp.It wasn’t until March, after 3 months of running in circles, that I finally did the overhaul. To start I went into my physical closet in the bedroom and took things out that I haven’t worn in forever, no longer fit, or that I no longer wanted. I needed to pack my virtual closet with more goodies, so this was the place to start.

I made a plan on what things needed to change in my Posh closet. My cover shots where “meh” so I knew I would want to concentrate heavily there. I also needed to get better at my descriptions and pricing. A picture is worth nothing if no one wants to buy because of lack of information. And how can I justify a price on an item when it looks mediocre? This is where my journey began.

Weeks prior to my overhaul I had seen a fellow posher listing her cover shots while posing in front of a mirror so that she could show fit and scale of her items. I thought that was a good idea so I went with it. I set aside a day to go to IKEA for the sole purpose of purchasing a floor mirror. When I came home, I set it up in the living room where I got the most natural light. This has been one of my best investments to date. I love my little mirror.


After that, I started to think on what I wanted my closet to be known for. Several closets that I admired had tons of personality and I knew I wanted that as well. So I decided I wanted my closet to be fun. I wanted tons of color and brightness. I wanted people to look at my listings and think “That would be fun to wear”.

Next I gathered up my closet inventory and started pre merchandising. This meant adding accessories, prop items, basically creating the idea of what the outfit could look like for a potential buyer. I grouped the items together for how I wanted it shot and then prepped the items for photographing by ironing them.

Once I got to the photography phase I experimented heavily with several different kinds of photos. Flat lays (which I now LOVE), on a hanger, and on the body are the only 3 I do. I learned that not everything that lays flat photographs well in that setting, and not everything that hangs photographs well in that setting. So it was a lot of trial and error. I took picture after picture in cycles. I would put it on the floor, put it on a hanger, and then put it on, all the while snapping photos.


After taking all the photos, I edited and decided on which ones to use for uploading on to Posh. I typed up descriptions for each and gave them a fair price. The entire behind the scenes work took a few days. My only hope was that it would be worth it in the end, and guess what??? IT WAS.

I picked my day and logged onto Posh and deleted every old listing in my account! Immediately, my virtual closet felt cleaned up and ready for newness. Then one by one, I began to upload my new items fully decked out with brand new bright fun photos. The overhaul worked so well, by the time I was done uploading I had more engagement that I had ever had on Posh. People were liking, sharing, and already asking questions about my listings.


Over the next few days I would see my sales start to pick up. I made about $500 in sales in roughly two and a half weeks and that is after barely making $90 prior to the overhaul! I had multiple purchases a day, people were finally bundling items, and some even just flat out purchased without submitting offers. My closet was so on fire that I actually started running out of inventory lol! A really good problem to have.

Needless to say the overhaul was a huge success for me. I have much more consistent sales now and I feel really great that my closet has come together in this way. I wish I had known how impactful virtual closet revamping could have been because I certainly would have done it sooner.

What about your closet? Do you think it needs a revamp? Or maybe you have had success with a revamp and would like to share. Please do 😀

2 thoughts on “Zero to One Hundred: A Closet Revamp Gone Terribly Right

  1. You got me thinking when you mentioned a closet having personality. Maybe mine will be “Fashion From A Guy Who Knows Nothing About Fashion!” It was good meeting you today… Hopefully it will be instrumental in our professional growth!


    1. It was great meeting you as well!! And I think so! I’m currently looking to revamp my closet again since Spring is right around the corner so if you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask! Will def be in touch 🙂


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