Pearl Street Station Cajun and BBQ Eatery

In the times I’ve eaten “hole in the wall” food, why is it that Gas Station restaurants tend to serve good food? Seems to go against nature to me. Pearl Street Station is a Gas Station that’s just one of those restaurants. It’s currently situated in the cozy town square of an ever growing Granbury Texas.

To take a quote from Tocan Sam, we followed our nose to the Cajun & BBQ joint. It’s hard to miss once you see the monsterousity of a grill sitting outside with piles of wood stacked all around it. A sign in front alerts a warning that the food is addictive lol!Upon walking up, the smell of wood and BBQ beckons one inside. On the outside cute brightly colored parrots hang from above. Not sure what that story is, but sure is the first time I’ve seen something like that. The interior is pretty simple. There’s a mini motorcycle sitting very mater of factly on a shelf near the register.

Now let’s get to the whole reason why we are here anyway…the food! So I ordered the smoked turkey with a side of corn and salad. This might sound so off, and forgive me, but my FAVORITE thing about this place ended up being their BBQ Sauce! Don’t get me wrong I certainly enjoyed the turkey, but that sauce is so on point. It makes the rest of the food worth it. It’s sweet and spicy and savory all at once and compliments their dishes very well.

Another stand out item was the jalapeño toast bread served with the meal. At first I really thought I wouldn’t enjoy it, but I ended up eating all of it! It’s crunchy yet soft in the middle. It also reminded me of a sweet cornbread oddly enough. I’m not even a huge cornbread fan but I’ll eat this bread any day 😊

All in all I would call it a successful trip. Me, hubby, and baby ended up full and ready for our next good eats spot. Even though this one Pearl Street Station is located in Granbury, if you ever go to Granbury do stop by hear for a bite. At the very least get some sauce and bread lol!

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