Let’s Talk 50K

A lot went down while I was out on Poshmark. Behind the scenes I was mostly filling my days with sleeping, eating, and dealing with constant nauseousness from being in the first trimester of pregnancy. I tried my hardest not to let too much time get in between me and one of my favorite things to do, but even so, I just wasn’t able to hang on all the time.I did have some successes while I was out though! One of my biggest goals when I first started seriously Poshing in 2016 was to get to 50,000 followers. Thanks to being apart of the Suggested User program, I must say I have met and exceeded that goal and am tremendously thankful that I’ve been able to make it a reality! Having that large of an audience has definitely changed how I Posh. It has also brought up several questions about how biz has changed since getting bigger.

What is more difficult now that you’re audience is larger?

Checking comments and shares for sure. They easily get lost in my notifications. I have also come to realize I am unable to share like I used to. At first I was able to almost immediately share back because my notifications were smaller. Now when I get up and have 200+ notifications staring at me, I can’t easily shuffle through them to see who did the sharing without going through ALL of them. It would be nice to maybe separate out a tab of people sharing my closet, that way I can easily go down the list. Maybe I’ll send the idea into Posh, see what comes of it 😜

Keeping inventory in stock is also another thing that has become harder. I’m the loser that gets tired of always running borderline below the 25 item standard threshold for a Posh Party compliant closet. I always like to be ready and prepared for any moment of being on the Suggested User wheel and for 50K followers I can’t allow my closet to run so thin.

What’s become easier now that you’re audience is larger?<<<<<<<<<<
definelty gotten easier. When my closet it full of goodies and I'm in Posh mode I sell faster and sometimes even with less self sharing because others might share my items because I'm sharing theirs. In one weekend I ended up making back to back post office trips because as soon as I would drop one package off I would sell something else lol!

Identifying what will sell in my closet is another thing that has gotten easier. Now when I get inventory, I have a better idea of what my buyers expect so I can more easily cruise through and make the most of inventory shopping trips. I keep an excel spreadsheet of my sales so that I can always refer to it when picking out items for my closet.

Now that you’ve reached your goal, what’s your next move? <<<<<<<<<<
ed it is time for me to go into the wholesale world to take my closet to the next level. I have debated this for some time. I've always, always, ALWAYS wanted to own a boutique or store and offer something one of a kind and special to the retail world.

What are your next goal/s?<<<<<<<<<<
oing wholesale, my next goal is to get to 100k followers. It's a big goal but I bet I can make it. I'd also like by this time next year to FINALLY attend Posh Fest. I would go this year, but with new baby's  arrival just around the corner, I'll be in better shape to attend next year.

I would also like to consider maybe possibly starting to sell little girl clothing. The only reason for that is because I'll actually have some lol!

Having 50K followers has sure brought new revelation for me. From where I've come to where I am now, I enjoy being able to see how much I've grown and where some of my gap lies. While baby is baking for the next few months my plans are to research, connect, and dive into the world of wholesale which will provide a fun new experience. I have the support of family and friends, so I'll be sure to keep an update of progress and what happens in the mean time!

Happy Poshing!<<<<<<<

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