Hot Box Biscuit Club

I’ve always wanted to attend a pop up restaurant. I see them in movies and modern tv shows but I can never figure out where the heck these places actually exist! Well thanks to awesome chefs like Sarah and Matt that managed several successful pop ups I now have access to a local foodie first for me.

If you read my post “Officially A Mom”, you will note that this pop up was also one of the first times we were taking our little one out to experience life how me and hubby live. Let me say the experience certainly didn’t disappoint!

First off, Chefs Sarah and Matt kick off the event with a nice crowd interaction. They talk about the food, inspiration, and really get you pumped to dig in and have a great time.

This particular pop up brunch featured some awesome delights. For starters, there are biscuits brought to the table with a trio of toppings to try out. Even though that’s a center staple, you don’t want to fill up on biscuits because there are certainly more bites to be had.

Your immediately welcomed to the table with a nice drink. Ours was a spicy Bloody Mary. I love Bloody Marys so I was excited to see what would come of the afternoon.

The first plate brought out were some “Devil Went Down to Georgia” deviled eggs. These were so delicious! A boiled egg topped with a smooth cooked yoke and a zap of sliced jalapeño for spice, absolute perfection! I could have eaten them all day! I didn’t even take a picture because I basically inhaled it lol!!

The entree was even more mouth watering. A fluffy biscuit topped with brisket that MELTS in your mouth, chili, and Fritos. This is the kind of food that is just homey and right. And then delicious sides of bacon fat creamed corn (I mean what a wonderful excuse to indulge in bacon fat) and stewed okra and tomatoes.

Then to wrap it up was a light and perfectly airy Chocolate Coconut Cream Pie. I could have swam in that dessert! I didn’t leave any on the plate. It had the beautiful mild twang of coconut and a rich chocolate finish. Yum!!!

This was one of the better back to food foodie experiences that I’ve enjoyed since having my daughter. If you live in Fort Worth and are ever looking for something to do, make sure you check out one of the Hot Box pop ups. It really is as fun and cool and I’d imagine it would be per tv. Can’t wait for the next time!!! Until then, happy eating 😁.

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