7 Of My Postpartum Faves

Every time I go through a life change my clothing evolves. Obviously having a baby takes a toll on the body and in my need to feel comfortable and stylish I have developed this reoccurring obsession with a select few items in my closet. These are the items I wear almost weekly simply because I feel they give me a little edge without looking too mommy-ish.

1. Gap Puffer Vest: For not so obvious reasons, this vest is a daily go to for me. Besides it being insulated and stuffed with down feathers, it’s water proof-ish. Being able to resist stains is a huge win since my little one likes to drool, spit, spit up, and/or knock things on me at any given time. I like that I can throw it on over virtually any long sleeve top in my closet and look like I tried 😂

2. Isabel Maternity Cold Shoulder Sweater: I wore this sweater waaaaay too much this season. I bought it thinking that after having a baby it would be flattering to my postpartum tummy and I was dead on! Besides having a flirty ruffle around the shoulder cutouts, this sweater has survived poo!!!!! Like literally mustard yellow color poo (don’t judge me lol). This sweater gets 5 stars from this momma!!!

3. Adidas NMD R1 Glitch: This is a newbie to my sneaker collection and I’m so happy with this purchase! These are some of the most comfortable shoes I’ve worn and they have that trendy silhouette for a double win. They are lightweight with knitted constructing so it feels like I’m wearing socks.

4. H&M Sculpting Skinny Jeans: I had to give these up during pregnancy. They were and still are my favorite go to jean. They hold everything in place and go with everything. Plus they have the right amount of stretch so I don’t feel like I’m suffocating. Win!

5. Nike Baseball Cap: Unlike some of the moms that somehow are able to step out in full blown makeup and stunning tresses while holding a youngster on their hip, I have come to terms with myself that everyday will not be my best day. So for those not best days I shove this bird nest under my hat and keep it moving. At least I’ve mastered the “messy but on purpose” look 😝

6. Denim Button Up: Denim buttons ups really are the best. They’re easy to maneuver and once again, they go with everything. I find myself selecting this over and over and it’s no surprise that a closet staple such as this makes getting ready super simple.

7. Lululemon High Times Crop Mesh: So confession time, sometimes I wear workout clothes as my regular clothes. These are super easy to wear on the regular because they have nice stretch and are a neutral navy base. I like that they are high waist so it can keep everything tucked and in place. I’m also a huge fan of this mesh side panels that keep me cool (I have no idea if that’s their purpose but it works for me).

Never in a million years did I think I would enjoy wearing the same seven items over and over. It’s nice to have some good ole faithful go to’s for this season. I’m so excited to already be in mode for picking out my Spring faves!! Til next time, happy reading 😊

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