Weekend Cooking Show

This past weekend I got to experience first hand my sisters doing their very own cooking show! What a creative way to share healthy fresh food tips and educate on how to incorporate essential oils into everyday snacks.

The event had a full tasting menu of delicious yummies like guacamole, salsa, egg muffin cups, and a delicious low sugar smoothie dessert.

What’s great about all these snacks is it doesn’t take long to make. As a wifey, mother, and foodie, it’s hugely important for me to serve healthy items that are simple in ingredients and don’t take very long to make.

What I also enjoyed about this event is she also showed how you can add a teensy tiny drop of essential oil to enhance flavors! My favorite one was the guacamole. She used a small drop of Lime Vitality by Young Living into the mix and it gave it a wonderful finish, not at all overpowering like I thought it might be.

She has an entire site dedicated to health and wellness at My New Normal

Annnnd if you’re interested in getting the recipes to any of the food pictured, you can click here.

Til the next time, happy eating 😉

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