Dallas Date Night: Sweet Tooth Hotel 1955

Hubs and I are always looking for local adventure. Sometimes we find cool stuff in funky town, but this time we found a fun interactive art exhibit in Dallas that was for real out of this world!

The experience features 5 rooms behind a door that you can go and walk around, but also take pictures in, touch, flip switches and the like. There were also 2 additional features in the “hotel lobby” area which, one of them, is the feature picture above, as well as an exterior piece outside on the sidewalk.

My favorite exhibit had to be the Rainbow Rocketship created by Built By Bender x JoJo Chuang. All these artists are super talented and I enjoyed the idea of being able to play in the experience, takes a whole different approach to museums.

Check out our photos below of the fun time we had and if you’re in the DFW area do check out the Sweet Tooth Hotel you won’t be disappointed!

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