My Style: Tory Burch Kira Small Tote In Perfect Sand

My hubby gave me some spending money that he said I absolutely had to use for myself. I was surprised and excited all at once, but I couldn’t figure out what in the world to purchase (I know dumb problem to have right). After a day of not finding anything, he recommended maybe it was time for a new Tory Burch bag…and guess what?? He was right!

My previous Tory Burch 797 Color Block had been sitting in storage and the only thing I had been wearing lately were my smaller crossbody bags anyway.

Looking toward a new bag I felt I wanted/needed:

-Something fresh

-Something neutral

-And something durable (toddler proof)

So after lots of research and consideration I FINALLY found the bag that was meant to be. Below are all the fun details 🤗.

Silhouette & Design

Let’s start with the general size and shape. I didn’t expect to fit my kitchen sink in this bag. It’s truly petite and I like that for what I need. I wanted this to be a bag where I carry only stuff for me; no extra space for baby toys or snacks for the little one in here (we have bags for that already lol).

I love that it’s almost a clean cut square. The symmetry alone is classic enough to work in any season. It’s really solid too. My last bag suffered from slight slouching because the leather was so soft and I failed to consistently keep it stuffed. Not a problem with this tote. The pebbled Italian leather is sturdy and a nice textural contrast from other bags I’ve owned.

I also enjoy that I can either carry it on my arm with the removable straps or as a crossbody. There are 2 large blind pockets and one center zipped area for items to keep close. There’s an interior zip pocket and a front deep pocket opened by the Kira design turn lock; that’s probably my favorite part.


So what can fit it there? Glad you asked. I can actually fit all my little work essentials and knick knacks.



-iPad Mini


-Mini Wallet

-Makeup Pouch

I’m really trying to minimize my life lately, so that means keeping bags decluttered and truly not carrying so much on me when I do carry a bag.


When it came to the color of this bag, it was truly crucial. I didn’t want black or navy since it wouldn’t be as easy for me to brighten it up in Spring and Summer. I didn’t want tan because I’ve had it before and I’m all tanned out as of right now. This bag in “Perfect Sand” is absolutely stunning; it’s a cross between nude, blush, beige and it goes with EV-ER-Y-THANG!! When I say everything I mean it’s classy to casual and works with any color I plan to wear in my wardrobe.

Favorite Feature

My favorite thing about this tote is really one simple thing, the stacked T turn lock. I mentioned it earlier, but that really sold me on this bag. I’m not the type that likes a ton of symbols on my handbags and if there are symbols on my bag I prefer them to not be gargantuan. This logo is simple, clean, and easy on my eyes.

As a mom, I rarely get something that is just mine anymore lol. It’s how life is now. Not saying it’s bad, but I’m so excited to have something that’s truly for me. It took some time, but I finally have a bag to wear as more of my everyday bag. If you were considering this particular style or even wondering if it’s worth it, I highly recommend and say it’s 100% worth it 😊.

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