Back It Up

Wow it’s been some months! I know I have a tendency to go offline, but to be fair, I really suck at being online because I don’t do it right. My bias for doing and documenting has eluded me. That’s why today is the day I’m going to down load my back log of adventures that have been sitting in my phone collecting figurative dust! Shall we?

Let’s see…the last time I posted something was in January where I highjacked my husband for a surprise bday getaway in Nola. He’s recovered by the way (now I’ve amped him up for more random trips). Check it out here for some good eats, fun places to hit up, and a great hotel recommend. Oh and thank you to all the likers of that post! I always hope to bring encouragement to go do some fun adventures. Now for the backlog!


I did a wash n go myself off my first curly cut! What’s that? Glad you asked. Essentially it’s a cut on curly hair. Since I usually wear my hair curly, it made the most sense to cut my hair in a way that maximizes the volume and adds texture. I think I’ll be getting cuts like these from now on.

This is the month I also discovered YARN BRAIDS. I plan to have a write up on these because it seriously is a whole story in my hair chronicles, but totally worth it if you’re like me and struggle with curly hair woes. This look allowed me to not have to do my hair constantly and opt for a fun protective style.

I got to enjoy some much needed hugs and snuggles from my niecy-poo 🥰

I also threw down in kitchen several times. Not necessarily Foodie Fridays BUT I found some recipes to try out and there were empty plates all around. Don’t ask me what these meals are though. My brain won’t let me remember the names 😂😭


What a fun month March was! Got to take the kids to Steel City Pops and of course within 2 seconds hands that aren’t mine are reaching for something that is mine…

This month my Discipleship Group had us do personality tests and whaddya know, yours truly is a Commander! Think the late Steve Jobs, Gordon Ramsey, or Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada. Idk why they gave the commander lady emoji such a stern look though. Commanders are like the most laid back people I’ve ever encountered…when they’re sleeping lol!

My lovely Mom turned the big 7-0 this month. What a blessing to celebrate her!!

We also flew kites that looked like a friendly version of the Matrix Machines.

I was all up in my kiddos hair this month. It’s just like her dads; long, thick, and in charge.

Had a wonderful time seeing our fam. Went to grab a Mooyah burger and chill on the patio.

One of the final things I got to enjoy this month was a Community Frontline Kickback with my favorite guy at Hotel Dryce. It’s a nice little boutique hotel over in Fort Worth. Chill vibes, great drinks, and if you make a trip be sure to hit up Gustos Food Truck in the back for a late night eat.

Oh last last thing in March, just play time with my kid. I love making memories with her whether it’s racing up and down the tennis courts (she wins of course) or pretending like prehistoric carnivores are a ride to be trifled with. It’s all the fun I could ask for.


Time to get extra girly with some nail stickers! These were fun. The cool thing is after you take 30 minutes to get them on your kids each individual finger, it only takes them 15 minutes to fall off even when you seal it with clear polish. Womp.

Took some me time and went and got a pedi at my favorite self care spot Woodhouse Day Spa.

These 2 learned how to hug finally…I think 🤔

I watched this little lady totally rock it for field day. And the icing on the cake was she did it while wearing Unicorn socks I found at Target. She can do anything in Unicorn socks.

The final April thing that took the cake was my toddler had me gut bust laughing playing hide and seek. It’s just too cute. I can’t.


My oldest had a ballet performance at Mayfest. It was hot and crowded, but when I tell you I am so proud of this one. She danced beautifully and my heart melted even more after the sun got first dibs.

A bed snuggles ritual started to take place this month. Every morning I hear little feet making their way to my room to climb into bed and once promptly awoken I’m told “Mommy I want cereal.” EVERY. SINGLE. MORNING. Like they don’t think I will feed them. **Shrugs and walks off to go make cereal**

I visited my first gelato shop in Clearfork with my lovely ladies from my Discipleship Group.

I got to witness my sister get her 2nd Masters Degree in Higher Education from SMU! Go gal!!

I went back to try yarn braids again and this time I did pink or red or purple depending on the light angle I stood in. I’ll have a whole write up on this too because I’ve always had to steer clear of color hair due to my super sensitive scalp. Not today scalp!

Ya girls book Mama Braids also got featured in Fort Worth Magazine! Thanks Tina from Leaves Book and Tea Shop. The book has been selling so well there and I’m honored to be apart of the local authors available in her store.

My oldest graduated from her pre k program this month. When she walked across the stage and was asked what she wanted to be when she grows up, she said a veterinarian 🥹 Later on she specified she wants to only be a veterinarian to cats so there’s that lol!

This is the month I also learned that my kids hair absolutely demolishes rubber bands.

Took the girls on their first trip to the aquarium!! The coolest part was the mermaid experience. A lady dressed in a mermaid costume entertained the kiddos. Then afterwards they got to meet and talk to another mermaid for pictures.

Got to spend a full day in Bishop Arts District with my BFF. My BFF is the donut by the way. Just kidding 😆

My kiddos ate their first ice cream truck ice creams finally! Should I be concerned that the truck to sell ice cream hasn’t evolved since I was a child?

More play time with their cousin painting and having fun.

Whew! Did y’all read this whole thing? It’s a lot I know. I hope you did hang with me until the end. Now that I’m all caught up, I hope to be more consistent with writing since summer is full on underway. June certainly has no shortage of adventure to get into so be ready for more to come 🙂

Til next time!

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  1. Haha! The commanders are ‘laid back’!! That one got me. Loving the hair, by the way—I’ve never seen you with colors in your hair before and it looks GREAT!

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