Five And Great To Be Alive!

Oh what a time to be alive 🙌🏾 My oldest turned the big 0-5! I’d like to share all the festivities that went down to celebrate our little Buzzy Bee.

No one warned me about the huge amounts of energy that go into planning kids birthday parties. Also, no one told me anything about it really not mattering if you have it in or outside of the home. Either way, at the end of the day, I still end up worn out. Of course it’s worth it, but my goodness 😂.

This year we chose a spot in our local mall called Kiddleton. It was built at the tail end of covid as this kids style mini Main Event of sorts. What’s cool about it is there are two parts to it. One half is the arcade half and the other the imaginative play half complete with ball pit and rock climbing wall.

The kiddos started off in the big party room. We decided it best to go ahead and load them up with pizza and cupcakes before letting them get all that pent up energy out.

After that it was time to wind them up and let them go! They didn’t spend as much time on the arcade side as I thought they might. In fact, they spent 90% of the time on the imaginative play side. Bee and friends had fun being sushi chefs, hair stylists, pirates, diner patrons, and firemen.

What I really enjoy about watching Buzzy Bee grow is seeing how she interacts with all her little cousins and friends. She really is just this happy little light of energy and it warms my heart to see her continue to come into her own.

Happy birthday little lady 🥳 We love you! Keep on shining brightly, 5 won’t know what hit it!!

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