The Terrific Threes

They say “good things come in threes” and I suppose it’s no different for birthdays 🥳. We finally got to celebrate my youngest with a hardy party of fun and festivities.

One of the reasons why Jai Bird’s birthday was so significant this year is because for the first two birthdays she had, we were confined indoors. Being a “Covid baby” really put a damper on how we naturally celebrate birthdays.

For her first birthday we kept it low key indoors at her grandparents home. Then for birthday number two, she ended up getting sick so we had to last minute cancel the festivities 😩. Ever since, my mommy heart has really wanted her to have a special gathering all her own and this was her year!

This little lady is definitely my sassy one. She’s got a personality that is pretty brunt sometimes and it absolutely shines through no matter what. Only reasonable that her bday outfit and party location reflected that.

We decided to take her to her favorite trampoline park to jump to her hearts content. She also adorned herself with a fun light up skirt so she was running around being as bright as she could be. She was like a mobile Christmas tree lol!

Family and friends from church came out to join in on the festivities and enjoy her go getter attitude.

Plenty of gifts too, from kinetic sand and play dough to Polly Pockets and a black Frozen themed doll. **Time for a toy purge**

My favorite gal certainly had a full day. So much so that it took her a few hours to wind down for bed. I’m so happy that she could have a birthday surrounded by people who love and care for her. Happy Birthday Jai Bird. Keep sparkling and shining just like you always do!

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